I can’t say I was born an artist…as a young teenage boy in West Texas, driving in a 1960 Ford pickup truck down a windy two lane rut road towards the river, I looked at the couple I was with, they were rancher, cowboy, artist, hippies, and she was just beautiful…I realized then…I really wanted to be just like…”These People”… live a life that allowed me a much greater level of freedom and expression…one, that the life I’d grown up in…didn’t…I wanted to not know what was around the next bend in the road…all of the time

I knew early in my life I was going to make jewelry…that was the beginning of the fatalistic struggle…I have been a jeweler for close to 30 years….Painting was something I was always intrigued with…there was an emotional response that certain paintings drew from me…especially the Abstract Expressionist work…yet the thought of actually painting was intimidating and daunting…Painting was the meat…the thing that made much more sense…so I returned to school at 45 years old…received a BFA in Fine Art….that was by far the best thing I’ve done in my life…it gave me the tool box…the introductions and the key to every door I wanted to open….

My paintings are fundamentally a series of events…they are designed to elecit a response from the viewer rather than a “What’s it all mean” sort of conversation….my paintings are about the process of painting and are often confused or mislabeled as “Abstraction”…I don’t use imagery as a point of departure…..and really strive for an aesthetic rather than anything discernible…..or making sense…


I am a jeweler as well, and have been for 30 years. My jewelry is made from reclaimed and recycled materials, like restaurant plates, bowling balls, concrete and a wide variety of discarded, seemingly used up materials,  you can see some of my work here.

To me there is a level of purity in producing art…something that can only be generated by one’s soul….a passion that is dangerous beyond words…..as it is intoxicating…as it is rewarding….as it is a lover…and is as essential for me as breath….

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