About this Noise From the High Desert

I live in New Mexico. In my opinion, the most beautiful place on the planet to be. The landscape has a captivating magic that only by experiencing the place can you genuinely feel that magic.

I’ve walked in deep arroyos, across endless mesa tops littered with 13th century pottery shards, stared into phenomenal sunsets and have awakened to sunrises that have made me realize my smallness in all of this.

I live in Madrid, a small town south of Santa Fe on the historic Turquoise Trail. Living here has made me realize that my life is not about living long, rather living wide. I am fortunate enough to have made a life that gives me the opportunity to be a maker, a creative.

I hope you take some time to browse these pages and see what it is I do. Perhaps we have more in common than we both know and that being said, I’d really enjoy knowing about you, what you do, where you go, what does adventure and life look like to you.

Here’s a little bit of the noise…..