Wednesday…July 15th….A Few Thoughts for Today….

treasures.2Rocks on my Front Porch 2009

I’ve been collecting rocks all of my life….as a child…I could hear them whisper …they would call out to me in the windy west Texas desert….sort of a Marco Polo kind of game…but with rocks….there is some comfort in a stone…perhaps the way it feels in my hand…or its texture….shape…color….I pick up rocks…every day lately….I take a walk every afternoon….have for a while…during that time the only thing that matters…is what happens during the walk…I often think of the things that are most important in my life….what is required to maintain that importance…and feel like those things that are important….are a wonderfully smooth heart shaped stone in my hand….

the last 2 years…up until just a few weeks ago have been so transitional and unpredictable for many reasons….mostly reasons that were mine that felt like….static from newly dried clothes….these afternoon walks I’ve adopted from a friend of mine who walked 5 miles a day with her husband….to find something they needed to find….walking and collecting rocks seem to go hand in hand… I keep my head down…scanning the ground…maybe try to whistle the Andy of Mayberry song by heart… everything I can that begins with each letter of the alphabet….and realize more each day…that things are put in my path….not as challenges but as rewards….tokens to take away with me…and put on my front porch to admire…each day…


2 thoughts on “Wednesday…July 15th….A Few Thoughts for Today….

  1. I enjoy all of your posts, Robert, and this one I especially relish. I do exactly the same thing with rocks as you do. I’ve been this way all my life. When I was small (and big, too) I slept with stones instead of stuffed animals and dolls. Stones have always been my friends, my mainstay in this crazy, wild life. I’ve flown with stones across oceans. I carry them in my pockets. And they assemble all around our front entrance here:)

    Something powerful about the walk, isn’t there? Walking smooths the tangles in my brain, unravels problems so that, often, by the time I get home, the solution has revealed itself effortlessly. I love every line of this post, the Mayberry song (YES!) and how you say things are put in your path as rewards. Robert- what if divine and beautiful energies are constantly unfolding our paths before us, one simple step at a time? I have a huge suspicion that we are meant to live all of life effortlessly. Effortlessly is key.


  2. perfect post Robert. I too have collected rocks and bits and bobs from my daily life… all my life.
    As a little little girl, it was my job to pick out rocks from the yard so that they didn’t thrash the lawn mower. I even got a small read wheelbarrel for my 4th birthday to help with this task. What was initially a chore, became a joy for me. I considered it “hunting for treasures”… and still do.


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