Tuesday…November 10th…It’s Art Tuesday…look at a few paintings…..tell me what you think…..


“All the little Houses” 2009.

I decided it would be nice to explore current artist’s work every Tuesday…my thoughts….your thoughts…the works I have picked are from some of my favorite artists…as well as artists I just discovered….I am drawn to their work for a variety of reason…but I see in each of these paintings some incredible things.. I strive to develop in my own work….I also thought it would be a good idea to mention some of the galleries I have been to on a few weekend excursions…so grab a nice cup of coffee…a bagel or some fruit…and relax…enjoy the paintings…..

John Currin


I like Currin’s work because it is just a little tweaked…necks are a bit longer than normal….bodies seem more drastic in a way…more accentuated. John Currin seems to play with the obvious in a way that makes me look twice….or a few hundred times….

Jim Waid


Jim Waid’s paintings for me are like a journey into some surreal landscape…a place where everything is so clearly  unpredictable…

Do Hoang Tuong



These paintings are incredible…to me they are so stark and blunt….it is as if the image can stare right through me…I really enjoy how the expression is so nondescript….blank…but at the same time speaks volumes….

Fabian Marcaccio



Fabian Marcaccio is by far one of my favorite painters. His work is very visceral…raw…and sophisticated…there is always something familiar when I look at his work…something I think I might know about…for some rason….

H. Joe Waldrum


saw these paintings at the Rio Bravo Fine Art Gallery in Truth or Consequences…(Thanks StevenArt for the tip) and to say the least they were staggering. The paintings are large…..thick layered…and as complex as a bee’s social structure….the paintings were very difficult for me to walk away from as they are just so captivating…the visual was incredible…the technical equally as exhilarating…..

here is the website to a gallery I visited this weekend….


what an incredible experience….the gallery carries such an incredible array of work…and offers so much to see and experience it is well worth the drive to Tor C. The Artist in residence is Bill Brown, he is working on a series of ink on paper that is really going to be exceptional…I am looking forward to his show….


Bill and Susan


2 thoughts on “Tuesday…November 10th…It’s Art Tuesday…look at a few paintings…..tell me what you think…..

  1. First of all, YAY for this new Tuesday art post. Brilliant. The only artist I’m familiar with here is Jim Waid. The very first time I saw your work, Robert, “Jim Waid” went off like a canon in my mind. I absolutely LOVE Jim’s work. It’s as alive and wild as the Sonoran Desert. The work of you two now remind me of each other.

    John Currin. COOL! I am also drawn to the tweaked and wavy and irregular. That’s how I like to work, too. He seems to have a great humor for living. I’d rather see the human form like it is here in Currin’s painting, than in studio-rendered settings from live models, which after a short while, all look the same to me.

    Tuong’s work is beautifully done. I like what he does with paint. The images scare me and make me think of “The Last King of Scotland” a movie I wish I’d never watched. I’m reminded of the dismemberment of females and that’s just terrifying. Good for Tuong to draw such a deep response! I might have nightmares tonight.

    Marcacchio, wow. I feel like I’ve just come upon a horrendous accident scene, only the pain and noise and suffering have been removed so that it is simply shapes and colors and I find his work beautiful and pleasing. I enjoy looking, seeing, just being with it. I feel like we might look like one of his paintings if we were taken apart layer by layer outside on a beautiful sunny day in the countryside.

    Waldrum’s painting is full of lovely shapes and space. I wish I could see it in person because I only get a hint of what the paint is doing there. Is it one of those deals where you want to touch it everywhere? Rub against it when the attendant isn’t watching?

    I hardly go to galleries. I might in the future. Right now I will take advantage of your new Tuesday gig and tune in for more. Get myself an education, as it were. Great post, Robert. A real pleasure.


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