Welcome to Robert Redus Fine Art

I’ve been working on manipulating photographs and seeing what can be done with it, here are a few examples of recent works. You can read the Blog they are attached to here…https://robertredus.wordpress.com/

“Infidel by Birth”

“The End of the Dog Days” 2010

“She Sang the Blues and the Ballads” 2010

“She Smelled of Sakura” 2010

“Riding the Pale Horse” 2010

“Jack Dreamed of His New Life” 2010

“Quan Yin” 2010

“Early Riser” 2010

“Not to Close to Heaven” 2010

“All Good Promises” 2010

“____________________” 2010

“I Lived There Once” 2010

“Dry Days on the Waterbone” 2010

“I Wax I Wane” 2010

“Blossoms Move West” 2010

“Heading Home” 2010

“Crown of Thorns” 2010

“Same Place, Different Day” 2010

“Postcard From Hell” 2010


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