214. January 28th…what to do…flip a coin?…rock paper scissors?…..best 2 out of 3?….Magic 8 Ball?…

“Wrecked” 2009

“The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be” – Marcel Pagnol

each of us are where we are by…making a series of choices over some period of time and adjusting to the consequences…changing the choices to make the consequences better…or maybe worse…being Okay with the consequences and just accepting what is going on in our lives as some sort of glob of stuff that fell from the heavens…and we just happened to be directly underneath it…so it is the way it is…without question….I often look at the choices I’ve made in my life…(I keep them all in labeled buckets around my house…just so I can periodically re-visit them)…there are the great choices that really made a huge impact on my life…as there are the horrible choices that really made a huge impact on my life….

that’s what I’ve thought about…how both great and horrible choice make equally grandiose impacts on our lives…and it’s leading me to believe that choices maybe are designed to be made…like drinking Tequila….always at some level of moderation….rather than breaking the Tequila drinking Record at the Kentucky Club….sort of thinking….the extreme maybe the extreme for a really good reason…sure a good choice will always produce good results given the intention is good as well…where as a bad choice can never really produce good results regardless of the intention….so am I saying make good and bad choices in moderation…..absolutely not….what I think I’m saying is choice requires…time…a time to really think about outcomes…how the choice will affect people…what will be the long-term affects…I consulted the I Ching early this morning with regard to a couple of questions currently pressing in my life….the response required an obvious decision needed to be made yet the method in making the decision seemed very apropos for the questions…a perfect choice if you will….the hexagram I threw was “Great Power” and it did fit very well with the 2 thoughts of inquiry….

“Transcend difficulties in your inner development by remaining mindful of your shortcomings. Do not assume that your power indicates strength of character, or that it justifies all your attitudes and opinions. This is just another test. Pay special attention to timing, propriety and goodness in order to fully employ the “Great Power” available to you. In bringing enlightenment and progress to others you strengthen your own sense of health and well being”

thinking about all of this made me really realize that bad decisions are usually done in haste and without thought….for those in the bomb blast around the decision maker…generally a bad decision is a selfish move rather than one with any degree of conscious thought….where as a good decision…requires a good deal of thinking…and is more often selfless….making certain that those around the decision maker are going to benefit from the decision as well….

good decisions…are like finding out the surprise in a box of cereal is the deed to an orchid farm on Maui…..


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