218. February 1st…”no matter how you slice it…..the best pies in America” – VI

“Rectilinear Discussion” 2010

“Human beings,vegetables or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible player.” – Albert Einstein

is it because of the experience of  a longer life that we can now make snap decisions that are maybe “Better ” for us….I don’t think so…I think it has to do with the constant concept of…”Thin Slicing”…

Thin Slicing: “The human mind can often examine a situation and skim all of the information that is necessary to make a correct decision and plot a course of action almost instantaneously. The most accurate “thin slices” are often those that involve our assessment of the emotional or mental states of others. Apparently, evolutionary processes that have unfolded over the course of many millennia have allowed us to be able to assess the actions and motives of our companions with a split-second glance.”

think about it we “Thin slice” a few thousand times a day…and I am convinced the more we do anything the better we are at it…repitition of the action has to create a level of familiarity that surpasses the warm up stage to doing the action…it is something like writing your name…how many thousands of times have we done that…and when was the last time you thought about the process it takes to create your signature…

just as we are predisposed by our heritage and genetics to certain diseases…I think we are also predisposed to certain attributes…and directions where we thrive…how do people know they are going to pursue something at an early age…is it just an insatiable interest…or is there something about the subject that they already have a grasp on…and a grasp that is miles away from most everyone else….why do certain children excel at math while others have minimal ability yet excel at another subject…how does a 6 year old…teach themselves to play the piano and write music…I don’t think they are gifted…I think they are very much aligned with their attributes…on a genetic level…their predispositon has emerged rather than sat dormant…and eventually become lost in the process of learning everything there is to know as a child grows…I think this process affects adults as well…often we have forgotten what it was that made us glow…and have traded the glow for the responsibilities of a family…..mortgage…college funds….making certain we are secure and on top….and one day that glow becomes too bright to ignore… like an old friend the reminder maybe is just enough to start the process of pursuing the glow…..it’s still in there it’s just been covered with a cloth to keep it down….until everything was in the right place…which more often then not everything is never in the right place…

most people think there is never a right time to try something new….something different….something out of the ordinary….that may pull them far away from their life that is secure…. yet it may offer equal security…in perhaps a different package….and how would most take that …the idea of the same….but different…..within us is a myriad of attributes that go unseen and often we die never experiencing them…..we each know by our ability to thin slice our lives…what works for us and what won’t…often what we say won’t work is because we are afraid…and what works is the stuff that requires a minimal amount of steeping out of the box….

my challenge is simple…think what is in you that has yet to be explored….think of what makes you glow….has always made you glow….and instead of giving up your job…leaving your family and moving to Tahiti to be a pearl diver….try it on a small scale….maybe your true skill is going to take some development and investigation…but you will know what is and what isn’t……good luck……


2 thoughts on “218. February 1st…”no matter how you slice it…..the best pies in America” – VI

  1. Thin slices and smaller portions for me 🙂 I love the thin slice dealio.

    And…what I will now call the Middle Age Glow. You can see it in people sometimes and the way they are aching to cut loose. I always want to give them the just go after it nudge.

    I accept the challenge 😀 Most everytime I come up against an I-have-to-do-this thought now, I press myself through it to get to the other side. And I’m finding that those “things” were ficticious screens that made life look a certain way but not the way it actually is. I’m finding out I there are a lot of things I don’t have to do, and a lot more that I can do differently—-my own way according to my own standards. It’s looking like Life is into the win/win deal 🙂

    Feels really really good 🙂
    Lovely post, Robert. It’s like a love note from the universe.


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