220. February 3rd…CEO’s…Get your Super Hero Capes on….Do what Lloyd’s thinking of doing….giving the money away…that’s right…giving it away…people will really like you then…

“Springs” 2009

“We can’t all be heroes, because somebody has to sit on the curb and applaud when they go by” – Will Rogers

with the economic crisis we have all lived through…the failure of the system to make things right…the deception of George W. Bush brought into the new presidency and the complete failure of President Obama to do anything he has said he was going to do….thus far…it’s time for some corporate heroes….President Obama was a well packaged candidate…a breath of fresh air compared to the previous 8 years of lies and deception….President Oama made promises we believed in….but we all forgot…he too like George W. is an aristocrat..the upper crust of America…who wants to make certain they (the aristocrats) are well taken care of…and he too will seem to really care about what he promised…but he is probably more concerned with keeping the aristocrats secure than doing what he said…the housing bailout was supossed to help over 2 million people…it has effected a bit over 60,000…do the math in 4 years at 60,000 per year…a 10% success rate is achieved…but a 90% failure rate goes on the books…

big corporations will be paying ou their bonus packages this years as well…most banks have paid back the “Bail out” monney…yet have decided not to loan money to business to help stimulate the economy…rather they are bolstering their positions by investing that same “Loan money” into investments that will ultimately make them more money….

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs is reported to receive a bonus of 100 million dollars…news reports says it is more likely to be in the 40 million dollar range….but cannot confirm that…(poor bastard)…AIG is paying out over 250 million dollars in retention bonuses in 2010…I thought there would be no math in today’s post but that’s………..350 million dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for exactly what???????????

what we need today are some heroes….people who will step up to the plate and make things right…those heroes should be the CEOs, of these huge corporations that really don’t care about a thing other than greed….and specifically their greed…..if just AIG and Goldman Sachs were to take the proposed bonus money…and start paying back the people who believed in them and lost their savings or monies or what ever they lost…it may just start a trend among corporations….and maybe those at the top would realize a greater income from giving and not getting…the universe does suggest the more you give the more you get….I mean what if the bonus is only 40 million dollars instead of 100 million…what can you do with 100 million you can’t do with 40 million….I realize this may sound new agey…and unreal….but these guys would be famous and famous forever….they would get far more than they think they’d get just by something as simple as giving the bonus away…and people would like them…..and like them forever as well…think about it……

and if there is Karma…..and the wheel does turn…I wouldn’t want to be a greedy CEO in this life….next life….could make a home foreclosure and losing a job…look like winning the lottery…..


5 thoughts on “220. February 3rd…CEO’s…Get your Super Hero Capes on….Do what Lloyd’s thinking of doing….giving the money away…that’s right…giving it away…people will really like you then…

  1. This is a great post, Robert. It doesn’t make me happy to see regular people losing so much. We lost our place in Tucson five years ago & I feel like we were sort of canaries in the coal mine. People have done a good job at keeping their chins up, but I think now it’s time to just tell the truth, straight up. To ourselves, firstly.

    The good news is there is life beyond loss. It hurts the ego when illusions dissolve. I like to think that this is the process unfolding now: the veil has thinned so much it can’t cover any more. So it’s good that way. Still, I’m sorry for the imbalances the hardships.

    Good words here today.
    I think we should all be outraged and then use that energy to fuel something better for ourselves in the present moments.


  2. We do need Heroes! What is the last real hero we have seen? Sometimes I feel the rest of the world looks at Obama as a hero, but us in the United States sees a president that made promises he can not keep. We must remember that real hero sacrifice themselves for the good of others. Who is making these sacrifices? When will the media recognize them. When will we recognize them? Can you name a Hero?


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