222. February 5th…..No more wreckless living for me…”I found the Key to escape reality”…

“I Could Taste it” 2008

“Everything is on it’s way to somewhere”

would you be willing to open a book that had your story in it…all the way to the end…dates…times…what your life was going to be from the moment you opened the cover…to your very last breath…would you be willing to know what happens to you…or would you prefer to know nothing and go along in life just as it is…discover what happens as it unfolds….I’d never want to know….what happens…until it happens…that way I could be assured that life was a page at a time and not the entire book…I mean what if the book were only 4 pages long….and then it was over…and you found that out…wouldn’t that change the way you lived the last 4 pages of your life????….

I’ve read that “we should live today like it is the last day of our lives”…yet there is something that doesn’t allows us to do that…why is that???….is it because perhaps we still believe we have some sense of immortality…is it we feel “Today” is not literally the last day of our life and we’re OK for a couple more weeks before we have to get serious about the whole living the last day thing….or is it because if we did live our lives as each day were the last day…we would have to change the way we approach things….people…relationships…everything….within our lives…we’d have to give up some really stupid stuff we do…to protect ourselves from what ever it is we feel we need to be protected from….we’d also have to be 100% honest…100% of the time…and maybe we’d have to be able to develop the perfect balance between selfless and selfish…..or does that balance happen by being completely selfless…

we are all very much on our way to somewhere….and I think the first step of the process is acknowledging that here is not where we intend on staying….and that life is a short journey that may not be completed….in the few steps we take towards the destination…if we are to live life as if today were the very last day of a our life…we need to get busy…busy embracing the important stuff….the things that matter…and that may include skydiving naked….or running with the bulls in Pamplona…


One thought on “222. February 5th…..No more wreckless living for me…”I found the Key to escape reality”…

  1. Beautiful Robert. We are near the end…and need help on our way. I know I do. And yes, one day at a time, enjoying the process of getting there, is ok by me. Creating with some design in mind is wonderful and important, but not knowing the exact outcome is what gives my life the excitement and surprise needed to get up every day.


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