245. March 2nd…the beginning of the end of the beginning…….of the end…..of….

“Gears” 2010

“But you come to a point in your life when you can’t pull the trigger anymore” – Evil Knievel

Boundless Gallery closed its virtual doors march 1st…and will disappear from the internet world of art….representation and sales…here is an excerpt from the letter sent by Co-founder and owner Peter Gregory:

Since the “Great Recession” started, BoundlessGallery.com has been losing money. The art market as a whole is off 50 to 80%. The lack of sales have squeezed our high-end service, because there are less high-end sales. As a culture, we have decide that people are mostly unwilling to pay a subscription fee for a premium service on the internet. The combination of these factors mean that there is great stress on businesses like BoundlessGallery.com. We have decide that we don’t want to lose money for the next several years while the art market recovers.

For many years we have tried very hard to win your trust and provide a website that was worthy of your time and efforts. Thank you to all of our artist partners and the people who have trusted us enough to buy art from us. The company is not insolvent and you can still count on us to help you complete all sales transactions and we will pay all our bills on time.

Life is short and sticking with a failed business model is for fools. We all have other things to do and more exciting horizons to search for. Thanks again for your time, trust and support over the years.”

The virtual world for artists takes its first big hit…what next?????…the art world like everything else is changing….structurally….and internally…artists are the ones that should begin thinking more out of the box on better and more unique ways to sell their own work…after all….we as artists are the creative genius behind the work…why not be the creative genius behind selling the work…now is the perfect opportunity to make the art world about the artists…not about the galleries…..collectors…and marketing people with absolutely no talent to show what power the gallery once had….

seems the art revolution just might be starting……what a wonderful time to be an artist……


One thought on “245. March 2nd…the beginning of the end of the beginning…….of the end…..of….

  1. I had a Boundless Gallery page back in 2006. Sales were not great through there, to say the least, and I suspect it was the same for many artists. I also suspect it wasn’t the art or the platform, but the beginning of what will soon be known as the Second Great Depression–rotting away at the foundation in 2006.

    I wish the BG people all the best.


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