252. March 9th…small changes with a big…big impact….

“A La Laundry Counter” 2009

“Look, sir. Don’t worry about me,” I said. “I mean it. I’ll be all right. I’m just going through a phase right now. Everybody goes through phases and all, don’t they?” – Holden Caulfield

my brother sent me an article that was great….it is about “Meso facts“…” Mesofacts are the facts that change neither too quickly nor too slowly, that lie in this difficult-to-comprehend middle, or meso-, scale.”….for instance the author sites that if you are a baby boomer…went to high school and studied high school chemistry…some things have cahanged…namely the periodic table of elements…there has been an additional 12 elements added since the 1970’s…..here is the article:  http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2010/02/28/warning_your_reality_is_out_of_date/

the other day while eating breakfast…our conversation drifted to the state of affairs we are currently in….and what we as individuals can do about it…there is a level of complacenecy….with a feeling that our hands are tied….I don’t have a global solution let alone a national or even a local solution…I just know what I feel I would like to do…that maybe might make a small impact on the community around me….and that is size everything down…make things in my life a little bit smaller….a bit more manageable….and certainly a little less complicated….I have been thinking about this for sometime….now and the solution is not a….”right there in front of me”….type solution…it is more a calculated….take the time to do it right solution…

I know part of it is community…I tried to organize a community  over the past few years….found that the failure of community is when Honesty…Comittment…and Trust…are substituted with anything else…..the moment one of these elements is missing…or compromised…the community falters….fails….my lessons from my recent past experience…are numerous….but primarily I have learned…that to be part of a successful community… everybody has to bring the same Honesty…Comittment…and Trust to the table …anything less…is eminant failure…. I also know that we can each start our own part of the community…bring what we have as a collective apparatus for the benefit of the community…like teaching art to kids….or classes that are affordable and educational to anyone that wants to learn what you have to teach….or maybe barter more….get away from the things that are causing the problems….find doable small solutions….

thinking smaller for me also means living smaller…living less cluttered…right now I have more art supplies than I do living supplies…what does that say….and I’m ok with that….for the first time in my recent life I have more than 6 plates…and 6 coffee cups….why is that…..I don’t know….6 people I’d have over at the same time…for dinner…..nor are 6 people showing up at 7 o’clock in the morning for coffee….so if my thinking starts there it makes it easier….to digest and figure out where to go from here……

the plan is gradually working its way to the surface…..and in no time the answers will emerge….but one thing I do know…..the slow changes are on their way….


4 thoughts on “252. March 9th…small changes with a big…big impact….

  1. I love this photo. It’s a secret peek into a secret world, a place I wouldn’t know of. Although it does remind me of a laundromat over on San Mateo, north of Menaul 😀 When I see images like this I like to imagine the whole place having a life and world of its own minus humans. I know the toaster comes to life when I’m sleeping. I’m absolutely convinced 😀


  2. Downsizing and streamlining is totally where it’s at! I’ve been whittling my way along for the past 12 years. 12! It sounds like such a long time but really it’s just a process.

    I like what you’ve written about community and I’d say yes to the criteria. My feelings are iffy on the whole community thing though. I have neighbors who are always talking about community yet they are the needy ones, always asking for their animals to be watched while they go off traveling to this and that. They weren’t the ones growing tomatoes and passing out salsa last summer, I can tell you. I’m leery of group anything because it seems like most groups (not all, I know)take on this quality where shit happens that no one is responsible for. And I mean really bad shit.

    I’ll keep tuning in to see what else you find out about community dynamics and the individual. It seems simpler to just be a duo with the universe.

    I like that the number 6 came up here. It’s been showing itself in my sphere lately. I wonder if that is significant…..

    Great post!


    1. I think community is a very viable proposition…although I think everyone has to be a separate entity from the community…a functioning entity that can do fine with or with out the rest….the last 5 years of my experience with community was an eye opener….one I will never repeat again….my thinking is to be in a small community where my skills and abilities are appreciated…not so much to create a community rather to contribute to it


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