255. March 12th…Surprise …Surprise…

“Dryer vent” 2010

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” – George S. Patton

I’ve never been a good one for surprises…I almost ruined  a well executed…startegically planned first surprise birthday party for me because of a variety of personal variables that this post is not about….but surprises in general are really quite something…and they come in many packages…many sizes….and with many wants and desires….

a good surprise in my opinion…has nothing to do with the person who is planning it…they are both the handle of the whip and the end of the whip simultaneuosly….the end result…watching the surprised person is what the whole surprise is about…I know when I opened the door…heard everyone say “Surprise”…I was deaf to the word…and wondering…”what were these people doing in our house…out of context“…I mean I recognized them…they were just out of place….and there were a bunch of them…so the surprise was a complete  100% success….well executed…even though my delays and stubbornness were pushing everything right to the limit….but nevertheless…..often the surprise…is completly unintentional as well….and those are the surprises I think are the most incredible of all….

ever been completely surprised….when the intention was never about surprise….sort of surprise inside a surprise….I love those…because the original intention may have been completely about something else…yet when it is revealed…and translated through our brains we take it as something completely different from the original…sort of like thinking you think you’re drinking water when in reality it’s 7up…and there’s that nano second…of “What’s in this water is not water but I know it is but it taste kind of like 7 up” and all of that happens faster than your eye blinks…. maybe even faster than a nerve synapse….who knows…I don’t….I just really like the word “Synapse”….and I think what is really great is….the surprise from this scenario is never really acknowledged in any way…because both ends of it think 2 very different ways about it….and to say anything means…in the infamous words of Ricky Ricardo…. “Jew got lots of splaing to do”

so the surprise of an un-surprise is completely delightful….could be something right out of a Frank L. Baum book….you know…..I’m learning to enjoy surprises a lot better than I ever have before….I look at them like a new variety of bug that initially may scare me but it….can’t bite….or sting…or crawl into my brain and lay a bunch of eggs….all it can do is laugh…really loud….now that would be a surprise…..


6 thoughts on “255. March 12th…Surprise …Surprise…

  1. I love this post! and the un-surprise surprise. Brilliant. Very nice how you wove in Frank L. Baum too.

    To me, a miracle is a totally unexpected surprise that changes the timbre of my entire existence. And it usually comes through people and animals. So far. Though I’m certainly open to it coming through a nice inanimate object like a sweet Mercedes Benz and every recording Joni Mitchell’s ever done 😉 Happy Aloha Friday, Robert!


  2. My dad used to say that if everyone agrees…somebody is redundant! Never wanting to be redundant, and especially so after I learned what it meant…I set out to never agree with anyone. Still struggling with that balance…enjoy your Friday, it is after all James Taylor’s birthday and he is still older than us.


  3. and my whole entire comment revolves around the quote at the beginning of the post…a little ADD today? I liked the rest of it too.


  4. Older than you and me, I guess! Always nice to stop by here for the wonderful stream of consciousness! Love the dryer vent shot. It’s always nice to see that someone else gets off on stuff like that besides me-a good un-surprise, I think.
    Hey-have a great show and reception tomorrow. The motel that I had my name on a wait list for just notified me tonight that the room I wanted is now available due to a cancellation. But, my back and neck are not happy with me, so the drive would only exacerbate it at this point in time.


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