269. March 29th…hard to beat a great day…except with a greater one….and then that’s pretty hard to beat….except with….

“The Good News” 2010

“The values of the world we inhabit and the people we surround ourselves with have a profound effect on who we are.” – Malcolm Gladwell

…..yesterday was one of those days I was very “glad to be on the planet” days…it was a day of adventure….one of revelation and insight…and one I especially was glad to be alive to experience….there was a time where just sitting among the hills deflated me to a degree…I chose to whittle …nothing elaborate like a chain or a ball inside a box…but  basically take a large piece of wood and turn it into a bunch of really small pieces of wood…. with absolutely no function what so ever…

I didn’t see it as destroying anything…more the little flecks of wood … had bits of information I attached to each one to give a value other than what it already had…some secret only the small little pile of shaved wood and I know…like smoke rising from a fire….and delicatly placing those words some where there on the white-gray plume…to go to an unknown….but have a message when it arrives….so maybe the message finds the recipiant…in some way….and says what needs to be said….and it kind of ends there…..until another day like yesterday arises…

we spent some time collecting stones…twisted pieces of wood…..bleached sun dried bones….can lids with holes shot through them…and those special things that there is very little conversation about…they just end up in your pocket….carrying on a conversation all day….and periodically your hand finds their smoothness…or the edge….or the texture…that excited you enough to pick them up…..

I really like finding something very special….like maybe the perfect heart rock….or a perfectly smooth oval stone…or a crystal….and spending some time just feeling it…rolling it around in my hands….mapping it….every little aspect of it….and then leaving it there where I am…not taking it home…..and thinking about what it felt like or how smooth it was…maybe a few weeks later and see if it feels the same without having it there….in front of me….I’ve always liked to leave the “real treasures” behind…..

days like yesterday….really make the other days that seems pretty level….not so level….and predictable…it is a Sunday like I had that makes me realize…everyday is a gift…and within that gift are many other little things to take notice of…they may be the small stuffed animals at the state fair…on “these” two shelves….but they none the less are a prize…..


  1. I LOVE this photo and its title. And I want to tell you now, before I read this post, that me & Clay were sitting in Barnes & Noble last Friday afternoon and we were talking about you and Clay said “Robert’s your Yoda” and I smiled and said, yeah he sure is, and then about fifteen minutes later a woman walked past us and she had a Yoda backpack on. Like, a life-sized Yoda.

    And then I got the hugest grin EVER.


  2. Ah, beautiful post, Robert. I love the bit about whittling. Some things beg to be whittled, don’t they?

    And I especially appreciate the part about touching and holding the something special you’ve found, spending those vital and precious moments with it, sharing energies, and then setting it back in its place.

    When I was younger I felt the need to collect and bring home. Now that I am less younger (this is the closest way for me to describe this even though I know it’s not very accurate) I can do this here that you’ve described. It feels really good to meet another being, a fellow form, shake hands with it, even kiss it (sometimes I kiss and hug them) and then wave goodbye so-long to it.

    It’s a good world, Earth. Days like this one here makes me wonder why I ever think other stuff is such a big screaming deal. LOL

    Thank you for another beautiful post, Robert (Yoda) Redus 😉


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