271. March 31st…Last Day of the Month…funny…every month seems to have one….

“2 Ears are Much Better Than 1” 2010

“The suspense is terrible, I hope it will last” – Oscar Wilde

another last day of the month….seems we just had one…and either the days are going by much quicker than this time last year…or I am paying greater attention to those flying by days….

starting the 4th month of the year tomorrow….the tax month…ah April….April fool’s day…the Titanic hit an iceberg in April and sank…Robert E. Lee…the confederate general surrendered in April…ending the Civil War….the flower for the month is a daisy and a sweet pea and the stone is a diamond….I am so full of April trivia I can’t stand myself……

what’s important is March…the month of March is that month that always seems to hang in limbo….not winter…not spring but somewhere in between…with no real place…I like March because of that yet…loathe it because of that as well…March seems like a rather neglected month….doesn’t seem like there is much going on in the month after all…big deal….we have….Inaugeration day….Stalin died in March…oh and the bit of trivia that keeps me up at night….Madgellan discovered the Phillipines….see…March is like smooth peanut butter…

one thing about march that I have to say was spectacular and will probably never get into the March Trivia books is I learned a great deal…I just can’t see that in a March Trivia book…”March 2010, Robert really learned a great deal” but yet I did…and I am glad to be able to share what I learned…

1. if  I really want it…I can have it…

2. I have to be doing what I want to be doing where I am…before I can do it anywhere else….

3. mixing orange marmalade and sour cherry jellies together on toast…with a good cup of coffee is a great way to start Saturday morning…

4. the wrong people are always going to be the wrong people

5. patience…balance…passion….vision….working smart and diligence are the secrets to gaining my success

6. who I associate with is who I become….and who I am seen as

7. small thinking produces big results….

8. keeping my agenda as transparent as possible…makes everything easier…..

9. usually what feels right for me…is right for me

10. dressing a pig up in a tuxedo…doesn’t make it anything more than a pig….in a tuxedo….

March was a wonderful month on many levels….a month that reunited me with others in crises…and in celebration….made me see the importance and true meaning of forgiveness….family….death…and helping others…..I found myself….understanding more about me….through other people…I discovered….that there are more things out there than I will ever know the answers to….and that the place I am is the exact place I should be…I calculated less…and thought a great deal more…I stowed things away…so I could spend time with them later because I knew they are important…I found March presented me with challenges….that required I release a few things…let them go forever….with no regrets….the last 31 days…has made me a better me…..Thank you March…..(forget I said anything about  inauguration day and the Stalin stuff)……


3 thoughts on “271. March 31st…Last Day of the Month…funny…every month seems to have one….

  1. Oh MAN. The Oscar Wilde quote. Have you been there? I sure have. I think I might be ready to have another go again before long…


  2. Just flashbacked after reading Oscar’s quote: to the recurring dream I’d had all the years of growing up. It began as a nightmare. I wish I could tell you what the dream is, was, but I can’t, only that my parents were in it and two or three of my brothers. I felt like we were all gathered on the thumb-tip of God’s right hand and then he slowly pinched his index finger on top of us. The effect was of a steam roller rolling us under but in incredibly slow motion.

    Now that I’ve read this Wilde quote I’m thinking, yeah, that’s how the dream felt. It was always paralyzing to experience it as a child. The older I grew the less terrifying it was. But it took years to finally watch it unfold without fear.


  3. Yes, me too, what you say about March being like smooth peanut butter. March always seems to go either way, but never the same two years in a row.

    A sound and insightful list, Robert. I salute each reminder.

    Last month I watched a library dvd, “Garbage Warrior” about a man named Michael Reynolds, the man who built and builds those “Earth Ship” homes up north ’round Taos. Great film. I understood, after watching this documentary, that no matter what it is we do, how deeply we believe in and must live our mission in life, there WILL be shit to accompany the huge task of living our purpose. There will be external shit to deal with, there will be questions, fingers pointed, unfairness and maybe more. But there is a pulling through all of that. And the miraculous popping out on the other side of the black tunnel can happen by way of some kind of disaster. It’s such a mindfuck, really. But this post of yours has got me thinking on it all over again. Thinking of you and of me. We WILL have shit to go through. And we seem to be experiencing days and nights in this twilit kind of limbo. Something pulls us along. I know there is also Light. I am learning to live true to myself. I understand more today, and thanks in part to sharing conversation with you last night at your house when we came for supper, I understand better how it is I can not be doing or being anything other than what I am and be and do in the now.

    I surrender. I’m now ready to just be me, the expression of life that comes through this form known as Carmela. Letting go of what I was thinking I “should” be doing.

    Thank you, Robert.
    I’m glad I get to learn this way, and from you. These are happy ways to take in such things. Gracias, amigo.


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