295. April 27th…I know I know…but knowing is knowing without all of the clutter…of thinking that knowing is something that everyone should really know…know what I mean????

“Altered Window” 2009

“The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created–created first in the mind and will, created next in activity. The future is not some place we are going to, but one we created.” – Unknown

I was thinking this morning while laying in bed…about the idea of knowing….and is it really some sense or is it a dedication that appears to be the “Right” direction….we each believe we have a knowing about something in our lives….that is so right for us it is the perfect pair of shoes…but what makes it something we know….rather than something we desire so much that the craving for it …if it were a celebrity would be called “Stalking”…..do we know because of want…or is there something in our guidance system that is headed for the target…and the target happens to be this point of precise…place we can clearly define….

I’ve never been a list maker…but I’m becoming one….and maybe it’s age or fading memory…or some military experiment…but lists have become pretty important in my world…..I know that clearly and have found lists make things a little easier…I still don’t use a list at the grocery…I prefer the random and arbitrary purchases and must haves like the economy jar of quail eggs….pate….anything from Greece….and an assortment of those wonderful German cookies in the blue tins with the castles and scenery all over them….lists for me are defining the “Knowing”….of the everyday world…I just look at the list and Bingo…I know what need be done in order to maintain my step…cheery smile and that whistle dad taught me as a young boy….and that sort of knowing is a superficial knowing…it’s like taking the trash out on Tuesday before garbage day on Wednesday….it’s just a posture of living a life….I’ve been saying affirmations out loud daily and recently wrote my list of knowings for my life…you know those things that are the to do list for my soul as well as me….they are clearly stated…defined and there is no frill or question about this list…it is really a list for living my life the way I want to live my life….and I guess the “Knowings” are like my favorite spices…..

the knowing I am truly intrigued with is the stuff we know about ourselves…and maybe it’s stuff we haven’t even done…..but we know we will….there is really something about saying:

“I can’t do that, because what I am doing is what I am supposed to be doing, and that is a distraction”

those statements are very powerful and keep the knowing flame very hot and very alive….they keep us passionate about our plans and support our confidence working towards that place…that goal that is what we breath…think….dream about…and live for every moment of every day….I’ve always believed that if a person does something long enough with passion….and desire the accomplishment…is never completed…more it is an endeavor that no longer feels like work and becomes a lifestyle…..and to me a lifestyle is a great way of defining a person…..defining who we are…..

so I hope that your knowings are the possibilities for you…more so the likelihood of what you will become….and just knowing we have the ability to make the things we want happen is….like an extra blast of whipped cream on pumpkin pie……


One thought on “295. April 27th…I know I know…but knowing is knowing without all of the clutter…of thinking that knowing is something that everyone should really know…know what I mean????

  1. I love this photo, Robert. And the part you’ve written about manifesting “lifestyle”. My ideal life exists in my mind and the ingredients are all simple and doable. Yoga, for example, and writing 3 pages first thing each morning to air my psyche out are two of my ingredients. I do those regularly and they create a lifestyle I can thrive in.

    I love how thoughtful and sharp your posts are. I’ve been absent lately and it sure is great to come back here to see you.

    Oh yeah~~~me and Clay went into Bright Rain Gallery to see Travis and discovered a whole case of your jewelry—-how totally COOL! Travis is great, we love him. Bright Rain is my favorite gallery these days. Wonderful to see your tracks in there 🙂 Bless you!


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