347. June 26th…Wag More…..Bark Less…..

“The Night Time is the Right Time” 2010

“Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity.” – T. S. Elliot

lately I’ve been in some unconscious training mode….something that seems to be prepatory for an upcoming event….one I have to say is unknown…to me….I find myself getting “Prepared”…..ready for what is going to reveal itself….when I guess it chooses to appear…..and the amusing thing about it is….I have no idea what all of this could be…there is a likelihood it is some manifestation from the manic side of my personality or perhaps it is a request I’ve put out there…in hopes of fulfillment and the universe is answering me…..I will just have to ride it out and see where it goes….

there is something to say…for getting ready for an event without any clue of the nature of the event..sort of like training for a marathon….and the training regiment is six hours of chess daily….rather than running….still the training has an important level of impact just might be the wrong direction….I don’t feel that my new-found training is towards the wrong direction…it’s much like reading a bunch of great books…how can that be a bad thing….it feels more like what I am doing is preparing myself for a large-scale change that no matter what I do as long as I am doing it the  pay off will be good in the end….

I actually think this more a lesson on understanding and embracing the journey of things…perhaps this “Unknown change”….. never arrives…and this is the carrot…on the string…enticing me to continue on this particular path….question liitle of the reasons…keep knitting and eventually I’ll have a great looking sweater…….

I believe we often take the journey…. very much for granted…..thinking the end result is an answer…that once discovered will change our lives….when in reality the journey is the process of some level of discovery and maybe answers never appear…..and for what ever reason they do not…..our nature seems to be to continue on….pursuit with expectation that works…for us……

I told my young karate students the other night…that I know less now than I ever have….and probably will continue that process…they on the other hand feel they know a great deal and will continue to accumulate knowledge…when one them asked me if  I was getting senile…..I had to laugh….and explained to him…that I’ve been on the journey longer than he has…and have gone from being a jar to a basket with a large weave……and the stuff I find valuable stays…the rest falls through the holes….and I forget about it……lose it…..he walked away….and I heard him say…to the rest of the class…..”Sir is not getting senile….he’s going crazy”……

I saw a bumper sticker I really liked yesterday……..”Wag more…bark Less”……..


  1. I like the image of a loosely woven basket where unimportant things fall through. It seems to fit my attitude just fine at this stage in life.
    The kids you teach seem to have a good understanding of your personality…but they will never quite understand what you tell them until they are older.


  2. ohmygod that kid is hilarious!!! kids. shoosh.

    Robert, I hear you on this entire post! I feel exactly the same way you do. The urge to prepare without knowing for what. Part of my training is to do what appears to be NOTHING. It was hard to swallow at first but really there’s no discussion about it because when the Universe delivers Marching Orders that’s the Agenda and to deviate only brings intense suffering and mad frustration. I understood at the end of 2007 that I needed to stop smoking as a beginning to my serious prep work. It’s been one good thing after another.

    I have no idea what’s going on. I trust Life, even though I honestly feel it is crazy at least some of the time. It makes no sense too often to say otherwise.

    At any rate, Bub. I hear ya. Every golden note here. Bless every effort, bless you in All you do in the Now 🙂


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