437.november 14th…

Thank you for your visit to Reclaimed Ware hand made jewelry. I have been a jeweler for 30 years and all of my jewelry is entirely handmade from products that have either been recycled, reclaimed or repurposed from products that were designed for a different use and have long lost their efficiency in our world. I use a variety of metals such as brass, copper, sterling silver and steel combine them with concrete, vintage bowling balls, antique typewriter keys, broken restaurant plates, vintage automobile enamel and a wide assortment of other items. Each piece is unique and has a very distinctive one of a kind look.

All of the work in essence is custom work so rarely are pieces identical. My goal is to make a piece of jewelry that reflects the individuality of the person who wears it as well as define a look that stands alone. My price points are very affordable and the galleries that currently carry my work have a very solid, consistent sell through.

The photographs are a representation of the work I do, and even though there are designated style numbers, specific custom orders are made “As close to the description as possible.” All work is guaranteed against defect and I will repair any piece without charge if there is a defect.

Again, thank you for your time and please visit Reclaimed Ware again soon as I update the site two to three times per week.

A percentage of all sales goes directly to The Art of Elysium Charity http://www.theartofelysium.org/


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