368. July 20th….For some reason….I’m woke up singing….”Come on get Happy”…and a part of me thinks….I sing pretty well…..

“I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hell was following close behind him” 2010

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.” – John Keats

yesterday I attended the funeral of an old boss of mine…he was also my friend yet not a close friend…I’ve always been told…the number of attendees at one’s funeral is a good measure of the impact that person had on other people’s lives…and to multiple that number by 10….to get a sense of the people touched….his funeral was standing room only…and it was because he did much more good in his life than he did bad…..he was a person that did what he set out to do…and that was something I always admired about him…everything just seemed to happen when in reality he made certain it happened….because he made it part of his plan…..

I’ve never been very bothered by the idea…of death… and I guess seeing the tribute to his life really made me think much more about living….and what stops me from taking the real steps…to living life to its fullest….finding the ideal “place”…the life I want to be truly engaged in…..all of the things I could talk about endlessly….. see that bubble above my head…filled with the ideal…..just waiting for me to be a part of it……

Complacent: “Contented to a fault; self-satisfied and unconcerned“… I think there is much more to the notion of complacency….I think there might also be an illusion to the idea of being content…one that overrides the desire to make the changes significant…take the colored filters off from in front of the eyes….and see what the true color may be…..content is a journey and never a destination…. being truly content on the way to getting more content certainly can’t be a bad thing….and seems like a reasonable route to take….

I heard yesterday “we are a work in progress”…got me thinking about how we never really do arrive at any of the things we may want…we are always working towards them….yet sometimes…working towards something good being pissed-off is not a manageable method….maybe working towards more happiness by being happy already….is the path of least resistence….produces greater results and is aligned with intention….so via this day of epiphanies…obvious as many may seem….the path to the desire should also be done with the that desire from the very begining….that takes me back to my  boss…he was able to do because he was doing…

“Thank you Captain Obvious”…..

I can already see the new list of things ready to emerge….5 copies of each….tapped strategically to what mirrors and wall space are left in my house…more stuff I need to read before I leave my house each day…new rituals to adopt that help…..and really…there is everything right with that….


3 thoughts on “368. July 20th….For some reason….I’m woke up singing….”Come on get Happy”…and a part of me thinks….I sing pretty well…..

  1. I’m feeling yes with what you’ve expressed about feeling content. Being content. There is something that feels crazy/sane about letting go into contentment, I guess because then there’s no need to be thinking thinking thinking. When I’m in content~space that means the engine’s shut off and the picnic is on. I think it’s something that appears around 50 years of age. I love middle age, the ripeness of having done so much of certain things, the joy in knowing I don’t have to repeat it all, the pure delight into relaxing into contentedness. Great post, Robert. Like a friend I can sit and simply hang out with. Thanks for the good vibes, dude.


  2. great post. Going to your friend’s funeral reminded me of my sister’s…. where there was a line around the block of people waiting to give their respects… it is amazing how many people in life we touch… and how we must choose to make it a good experience or not.


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