400. September 1st…..The end of What?????

“Walking up Date Street” 2009/2010

“As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice. “- A. Hitler

yesterday…President Obama…annonunced the end of “Military Action” in Iraq…..the troops are down from 120,000 to roughly 50,000……4,000 plus casualties…and almost 40,000 US troops wounded and injured…… now that’s it all “over”…statistic show 7 in 10 think the war was a mistake….I’m wondering how many of these same  7 in 10 originally thought the war was a mistake….when it began…..or have they changed their minds over the last 7 years….coming to conclusions that now make sense….and how do those who have lost loved ones feel about the vast majority of Americans view of the war being a mistake….. especially when at some point many people believed we were doing the “Right” thing….believed many of the lies….and propaganda….we were being feed…..yet now…..they have jumped ship…have taken the side of those who knew 7 years ago…this was an enormous mistake…..

the statistics….show American loss and casualties…the estimates for Iraqi loss and casualties are astounding http://www.thestar.com/columnists/article/258511

the latest concern with Iraq is the vacum being left by our withdrawal…if a faction does try to take over…do we install troops again…or do we let it happen and just sort of put our hands up in the air…with no idea what to do….shades of Vietnam…..you might not agree with communism…but since 1975…..and the withdrawal of American troops in SE Asia….Vietnam has remained……sure there were horrible events in the neighboring countries….and power struggles were emminat….yet SE Asia has survived without democrcy…will continue to survive without democracy….and chances are the “Freedom” we offer…..not many people in Vietnam are interested in….

what is going to happen in Iraq….will have to be seen…but I don’t think you need to be Nostradamus to have a pretty good idea of the most likely possibilities….if it were just about being pissed off and fighting…that seems pretty easy to decide the outcome…but this is not…this is politics…world shaping…and all of the BS that goes into making the world a “Safer” place…..so we can somehow live in harmony….yet the threat of annihilation as the tool to maintain harmony….seems like the wrong tool for the job…..

“Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too.” – Marcus Aurelius


One thought on “400. September 1st…..The end of What?????

  1. Great title for this photo! & goddamn I hate politics and religion and their offspring wars. I don’t get this world. I don’t get the kind of thinking that says a woman can’t decide for herself to keep a pregnancy or terminate it, yet man~made war is totally acceptable. Hell, it’s a preferred money~maker. SICKOS! I feel surrounded when I look at it. If regular people didn’t participate then it would be a few fatassed old men with bad comb~overs playing with plastic soldiers with their few, tattery old fart friends, ignored by the world at large.
    But the story never seems to veer that direction.

    Great post, Robert. You put it all out there clearly. Thankgod for folks like you.


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