432. November 3rd…Adaptation is like being invisible….

“Look” 2010

“Any way you slice it, the best pies in America” – The Village Inn

Adaptation is a rather odd concept….especially these days…seems if I’m adapting too much….I am spending far too much time trying to make it happen rather than just….make it happen…seems it’s probably a great deal like trying to juggle fire or moving chain saws…

These days I’ve no problem with adapting to the small things…you know slightly adjusting the small screws in my life…maybe a small turn one way or the other…I don’t want to drill any new places for new screws…nor do I want to install a great deal of new hardware…. I’m learning….and that’s what counts…

My cats love me for who I am….sure they probably want something more from me…and until they either write me notes or start speaking….food distribution and catnip still fall under my control…kind of a grocery drug dealer in a way…I guess…and they’re pretty close to communication on a different level…things are looking up…

My father once told me that if I thought I was invisible…I was invisible…I walked around truly convinced I was impossible to see….that really changed how I thought about being me…

made me wonder about who I couldn’t see because they too thought they were invisible….That’s when it started getting…..confusing…,

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  1. I get the sweet sensation of you and your furry companions settling in to a new level of comfort and pleasure and work and serenity. May your beauty increase. 🙂


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