474. January 16th…We don’t need no stinking jewelry….

“Lions and Tigers and Fishnets…Oh My” 2011

“And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

I’ve been working on my line of jewelry for this spring and summer…and found a few things I’d like to explore…

jewelry is like tattoo…people who wear jewelry..do for a variety of reasons…and what I’ve found is often jewelry ties a person all together…they have certain pieces of jewelry that “make an outfit”…while at the same time they have other pieces of jewelry that are their everyday jewelry…much like socks and boxers..or a latte at Starbucks each morning…

being a jeweler…I don’t wear jewelry but occasionally…yet I do wear a silver bracelet I made..it has become a part of me…and I feel like I am missing something when I don’t have it on…sort of like the pocket we carry our keys in…or the rituals we practice…without calling them rituals…

to this day I am still excited about lighting the torch up and changing a flat piece of metal into something else…or cutting a small river rock in half and setting it in silver…and after almost 30 years of jewelry making…I’ve finally come to the conclusion…it’s not really about making the product as much as it is about…the process and ritual of making the product…

every jeweler has their method…has their bench set up in a way that works and usually only for them….certain tools are positioned by frequency of usage…and which hand a person predominantly uses…and the reasons a bench is the way a bench is…are as solid as concrete…I once considered the Revere Jewelry Institute in San Francisco…while I was living in the Bay Area…I took the tour..for prospective students….and found I was intimidated by all of the great new equipment…the high tech gadgets that made jewelry making a process of precision and ease…

I was trained by a Navajo woman who made almost every tool she had herself…doming tools were polished trailer hitch balls and a carved out space on a tree stump…with a piece of a discarded baseball glove to lessen the scratches on the metal….when doming…broken pliers were turned into tools for setting a stone securely in silver bezel…#16 nails were made into almost anything possible….they were cheap…abundant…and easy to work…I trained with her for about 6 years and in that time I learned to cut and polish stone better…make a variety of things from other things….but mostly she taught me what jewelry was not….

here are a sample of few pieces I just finished for Bright Rain Gallery here in Albuquerque:





Places on the Map” Earrings, Sterling Silver and Hand-stamped Copper






German Glass Doll Eye  Earrings, Sterling Silver and Hand-stamped Copper…the back is stamped with…”Eye Spy”…

Canton Style Ceramic Earrings in Sterling Silver and Hand-stamped Copper






Sushi Plate earrings, Sterling Silver and Hand-stamped Copper

enjoy your Sunday and especially Zenday….

John Ruskin said :

“A book worth reading is worth buying.”…

so is art…please support local artist and original art….

“You can play a shoestring if you’re sincere.” – John Coltrane


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