478. January 23rd…Haiku and the art of a well designed…Coincidence…

“Kaze” 2011

“Men do change, and change comes like a little wind that ruffles the curtains at dawn, and it comes like the stealthy perfume of wildflowers hidden in the grass.” – John Steinbeck

I find myself listening to a particular music every Sunday…this morning it’s the Armen Donelian Trio…”Oasis”…there is nothing about it….I don’t like…it has that driving up the coast sort of sound to it…

I was talking with my friend Mars over coffee…she had not read my blog from yesterday…yet she too experienced an almost identical discovery of a lithograph from an artist named Fanny Rabel…and since I’d already been in the investigative mode…I looked her up…read what I could find about her…

I think the collision of these two events is for the most part coincidental…yet there is a part of me that is asking…”why”…and honestly a large part…not why do I think this way…but why were these two events presented to me…in a time frame of less than 24 hours…as of yet I have no answer…

what really these 2 events have done…is motivated me and in a big way…adding these with a comment from Mrs. Neutrons Garage sort of revealed the secret trick behind the disappearing girl in the air tight box behind the drape…and not really how it works but where she goes…while the magic is taking place…

and I hear my painting mentor say…”it’s about the work”…well there’s a great deal more that its about…and  part of the trek in art is finding what “It” is…I like what Gertrude Stein said…”There is no there there.”…I know with certainty there is a load of “there”…on the way to “there”…and some of it I don’t mind stepping in…

I’m not saying there has to be a solidified  plan…there has to be receptivity and even the small gaps will let large amounts in…it is combinations of many things…alignments…jumping over the edges…and willingness to experience…is it perfecting the existing skill or finding new skills…to work on…then combining them when the time is….”Right”…I don’t think so…it is just “do”….John Cage says everything is an experiment and I believe that…completely…some experiments last longer than others…some never begin…some might be there after I’m not…and I’m unsure about outcome…what it looks like…if it matters…and if it does…what does it do…

without turning
into a butterfly, autumn deepens
for the worm





  1. Thank you Robert. It was very kind of you to credit me with poking your consciousness. There is no higher praise.

    For what it’s worth I have, even being a life long atheist, found something very warming in the Hindu idea that ALL this is nothing more than the Creative Force playing, out of boredom and loneliness, “hide & seek” with Itself.

    …“It” is…I like what Gertrude Stein said…”There is no there there.”…I know with certainty there is a load of “there”…on the way to “there”…and some of it I don’t mind stepping in…”

    Art, and life, is about the dance! As Alan Watts said….. “It’s the GAME of black and white… NOT “white must win.”
    Isn’t the biggest obstacle any artist can face that fear, deep in the guts, of getting out on the floor and making a fool of yourself? Isn’t that at the root of any artist’s block? Really?

    When in doubt… you just have to keep dancing.

    …”I hear my painting mentor say…”it’s about the work”…”

    Same thing. AND, it’s a very good thing that you don’t mind.. “stepping in”… because you would be both a piss poor artist AND dancer if you did.


  2. You are welcome, The fear of not only being a fool or being seen as a fool , but exposing yourself to those who may laugh the loudest and the most is an enormous obstacle…

    if the complexities of being an artist were isolated to what to do with the medium and once that was solved at some level then the move on was actualized it would be cake. seems the never ending box within a box kind of issue…keeps the cake from batter…

    I do feel the work is a large part of the dance, but to merengue, could mean a trip to the Dominican Republic, some new shoes and a whole new learning curve… and certainly stepping in “it” more than not,,,,

    I think it’s that willingness to step out and do the work that makes getting out on the floor much more tempting….


  3. One simply has to make time to do the work, and we know we always have time for the things we put first… If you consistently show up with a desire to release that creative spirit, the urge within you longing to be expressed has no other choice than to manifest, just as it is meant to be.


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