490. February 10th…Only read this…if you really Love Someone…

“The Writing on the Wall” 2011

“There is not enough love and goodness in the world to permit giving any of it away to imaginary beings.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

I have received a number of requests for jewelry for people’s sweethearts this Valentines day…I am surprised at the 4 choices that are leading the field…I’d like your opinion…Please take a look at the 4 winners and see which one you’d like to give to or get from your sweetheart:

A. Ruby Red Bowling Ball Earrings

B. Chop Stick earrings

C. Chinese Restaurant Plate Earrings

D. “Fordite” Auto Mobile Paint Pendant

Thanks for your opinion….

I’ve been a jewelry designer for close to 30 years…and in that time…my work has changed dramatically since I first started making jewelry…originally I worked in manufacturing…developing prototypes that went to sales reps who in turn showed them to the retailers..department stores and other manufacturers for inclusion into their giant stock of sales inventory…we did well…my worked ended up in major department stores in the US…Asia…and Europe…we were included in catalogs…women’s magazines…wardrobe for some major television shows…celebrities bought my work…it was all to say the least overwhelming if not a little overbearing…even now I run into people wearing a pair of my older earrings and I have to laugh…because I know the story behind them….

with some time…wisdom and a true desire to build jewelry that I enjoyed designing and making…I landed where I am today…I have a very different philosophy about building jewelry…I really like the combinations of raw and refined…melded together…that is what has drawn me so to reclaimed/recycled jewelry…I decided three years ago to buy  as little as possible of “New” material for jewelry as there is more than enough floating around out there that can be repurposed…and have another stab at the aesthetic….and more than anything…I’m enjoying the work and having fun making jewelry…

“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” – Albert Einstein


  1. Don’t forget to mention all the recyled materials you use are lovingly rapped in silver to expose it’s beauty.

    Ah, the warm, sensual side of Einstein. In regard to driving and kissing: Beware! A luscious kiss takes your breath away, and most definately could be hazardous while driving. Therefore kiss at every stop light! .


  2. I voted for… A. Ruby Red Bowling Ball Earrings

    I have never felt any kind of a real attraction for women who didn’t seem comfortable in bowling alleys. Perhaps it’s that classic attractiveness of the female form as it stoops, bends and stretches to pick up that elusive spare.


  3. one of my favorite quotes by my science crush…love all the choices but will vote for one…maybe
    but I do love that you use bowling balls and concrete and what ever else you find…


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