526. May 21st…New Paintings on paper for May 20th and that’s right…Today…

“As far as I am concerned the paint is the person. I want it to work for me just as flesh does.” – Lucian Freud

Here are a paintings from Friday May 20th and today….these are all 2 color palette paintings with bone black and titan buff…

Friday May 20th 2011: Paintings

Saturday May 21th 2011: Paintings


    1. Thank you…I’m hoping these are but the preview to what’s next…my mind lately has been like a cyclone…very exciting…stuff…perhaps it was the elevation…


  1. Glad Elizabeth posted the link to you on FB. These are wonderful paintings. I will be checking back to see your prolific and fascinating work.


    1. Thank you Cynthia…you know you can subscribe to my blog and I’ll wake you up every morning…sort of…Thanks again


    1. Thanks Paula….yes two colors with bone black and Titan buff…I used raw umber and Payne’s gray as the palette…it is challenging but wonderfully fun….


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