549. July 17… “In art there are only fast or slow developments”….

“Natural Born Killers” ©2011 Robert Redus

“To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.” – Unknown

today is starting out to be one that will clearly go down in the books…for me…I am working on a solo show for November of my daily small paintings …and after a few hundred paintings…I’ve found the process of painting small has really accentuated the “Thumbnail” mentality in me…granted the size I am currently painting differs from true thumbnails for many reasons…but the key word here is “Small”…

lately I’ve felt as though I’m cheating on my paintings…the ones sitting in my studio…by exploring other methods of painting…and finding out I’m really enjoying these more than what I’ve done over the last 10 years…so I guess it’s time to talk…see what future we have…if any…I already know the answer…and I don’t want t start the conversation with “it’s not you”…

but I do think the comfort of where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing has also…kept me a little safer than I like being…I think it is the nature of artists…to look at anything and see where it fits and if it does how can they translate it to something visual…and incorporate it into the work…

”new” is relative in the same sentence with “art”…as the general consensus is there is nothing new in art…it has already been done…much like the head of copyright department for the government in 1869… suggested the Copyright offices be closed because as far as he knew…everything that was going to be invented had already been invented…

there is something about perfecting the craft…honing it to a point that requires sometimes a lifetime…then there is the evolution of that craft that if left alone worked constantly…religiously without end result thinking will assuredly change direction…and change often…recognizing that happens offers the opportunity to expand and depart from what was to what can be…

I admit this has been somewhat confusing as…I was very content doing what I was doing…knowing fundamentally what to expect and what not to expect…and now…there is something not really new…I’ll call it evolved…

There are three things I can attribute this evolution too…. 1. painting as I have for the past 10 years 2. painting everyday and 3. John Cage….

My painting mentor always told me…put the best painting up on the wall and look at it constantly…that’s the bar….when a painting comes along that is better than the bar…replace it with the better one…make this the process of determination….

I’m putting up the new one…today….

“It’s useless to play lullabies for those who cannot sleep.” – John Cage

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  1. Why do you have a Pegasus Lighting ad here on your blog?
    Well, anyway, I came here to comment and compliment you on the new work and please tell me when/where the opening reception is so that I can get it on my calendar.
    Personally, I like leaving the comfort zone in spite of my wailing and gnashing of teeth…


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