556. August 2…300+ Paintings….and there looks like no end in sight….

“Uova Della Via”, ©2011 Robert Redus

“We are not retreating – we are advancing in another direction.” – Douglas Macarthur

so I’m working on paintings for a solo show….November 18th at Ralph Greene Gallery… in Albuquerque…this particular endeavor I have to say I never thought about before…never even crossed my mind…until about 2 months ago…and it all started because I began making small paintings on paper….every day…

what has transpired since March has really been quite phenomenal…as I have noticed a few things take place and it’s only because of painting everyday…that I even took notice…

  1. the evolution of the work and how quickly the mindset changes
  2. small events on previous paintings are significant and instrumental in future changes
  3. these same events become very exaggerated later and tend to become new ways of approaching painting and applying paint
  4. I’m noticing the smaller nuances are also the thread that ties each painting to the previous and to the next
  5. the “shift” becomes very obvious
  6. I don’t think I’m going to stop making small paintings on paper everyday…anytime soon

this painting process has been a very clarifying…stabilizing experience…I’m some 300+ paintings into it while my goal for the show in November is between 700-1000…small paintings on paper…

I no longer look at this as an endeavor with an end…nor do I focus on it as if it is something unique…or exceptional…rather I’m getting that it is for me comparable to breathing…and the action of inhaling/exhaling is no longer a conscious process…just something that happens everyday….

here are a few paintings….

“Somewhere there is a map of how it can be done.” – Ben Stein


    1. yes…the discipline and Aristotle’s premise of Phronesis…as this practice has been a conscious process initially…yet an end is not in site…so maybe it’s a partial state of phronesis…the life enhancing part….


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