559. August 9…The Art Bizz….Tuesday….

“West” ©2011, Robert Redus

“Fear is static that prevents me from hearing myself.” – Samuel Butler

There are the hard truths in any endeavor we may pursue. Sometimes they are our truths and other times they are the truths of another. We fill in the blanks to make it work for as long as we can…will…or won’t…

There is a myth that habit takes between  21-28 days. That idea was developed by a surgeon who noticed over time it took amputees between 21-28 days to accept the lose of a limb. Seems developing any habit and accepting a missing limb, though they might be both habits are as diametrically polarized as possible…

The most difficult habits for the self-employed artist are numerous and often major obstacles. Art has historically been one of those professions, though serious to the doer is not taken as seriously by those outside of the studio and along with that come the complacency, habits or lack of habits.

Many artists have this idea that business and art somehow are not a mixture that works well, yet without the business end of art there really is nothing but making the art work. Which if that is the end you choose…the business aspect does not apply…

But if you want to make a living at making art and from your artwork…you have to get into the business of art…

First things first….

  1. Write your lists of: “The truths I Tell Myself”….The Lies I Tell Myself”…. “What are my Fantasies”…. What is Real.”
  2. Define your current habits and those habits you would like to incorporate into your art business. Realize habit takes small occurrences to create large events


  1. Develop a business plan

“All things entail rising and falling timing. You must be able to discern this.” – Miyamoto Musashi


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