561. August 17… “Every time ya see me goin’ some where, I feel like I’m goin’ outta my mind”

"4:08 PM" ©Robert Redus 2011

“You don’t tell deliberate lies, but sometimes you have to be evasive.” – Margaret Thatcher

Another Masterpiece’….that is the standing joke when I am finished with a painting, and lately the paintings I am finishing are smaller, on paper, larger in quantity and more dissimilar than any work I’ve done.

So I started questioning “what was” as compared to “what is”, and I’ve concluded that the, “what was” has little bearing right now. This previous style of painting progressed to where I paint from today, and I can’t say one is any better than another, yet there is preference.

The “what was” was great while I was painting it, it still is great for what it is but not something I think I will revisit as a memory to replay or to get something I didn’t. Rather any visitation is really a return, a time of familiarizing myself with technique, much like an old friend.

My newer work is satisfying right now, and for a great many reasons. Mostly I am content not really being up in arms as to the destinations, who gets what and how it gets there. I like the pace of the painting, the way it comes together and the relatively effortless nature of the process. I understand,  “it’s always about the work

The comfort zone is now becoming the issue. What better place to exit from rather than to remain knowing what will develop based on what already has developed, it is getting predictable. So….

I’m only here for a while.”….

“Enlightened people seldom or never possess a sense of responsibility.” – George Orwell


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