562. August 19…Your Art Goals…do you have any?….

"It's That Way" ©Robert Redus, 2011

“When we kill our desires we stink like any corpse.” – Harold Norse

The Tao says, “ Whatever you look for you’ll find”, and I know that to be true based on spending my energy and time focused on what it is I want and have wanted to find. I also know, “What ever I’m not looking for I won’t find”…

Simplifies the whole issue of searching or not. Yesterday, I saw 12 Westfalia VW vans, and I didn’t see a single thing…I wasn’t looking for.

When it comes to looking for anything, there has to be a reason for the looking in the first place. At the bottom of all of this are really just a few finds and answers we’d all like. Often though we are clouded over with far too many desires and loose ends and want more than we could do anything with even if we had them all.

As artists it is very easy to want, and want a great deal without a viable way of getting what we want.  Reminder, art is a business and along with a business plan, goals need to be installed, assessed, reviewed,  edited and accomplished. Creating goals is the easiest part, following them and completing them are the most difficult. It takes a few minor steps to put it together then the work is in creating the habit of working on the goal.

Goals/Plans must be well defined, have measurable results, must be over the bar but attainable,  realistic, and a timeline to accomplish them. This applies to short, mid range and long-term goals.

Here are some of my plans….

Short-term plan: Present to 6-months 
  1. Continue painting until November 6th for my upcoming show on November 18th
  2. Continue work on the Art Benefit Auction for November 5
  3. Keep promoting my work locally and nationally

Mid-Range plan: 6 months – December 2012

  1. Work on the Outdoor Studio/Westfalia project through May of 2012
  2. Begin developing California Show for November  2012
  3. Increase promotions in California

Long-Term plan 2- 5 years

  1. 1200-1500 sq foot permanent studio space
  2. Increase panting scale to 9-12 feet
  3. More representation

Everything is negotiable and can be changed, altered, revamped and redesigned, based on progress. The term, “It’s all about the work” really does apply…I’d be interested in your artistic endeavors and plans…please keep me posted.

 “We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us” – John Steinbeck

Author: Robert Redus

Painter, Jeweler and Writer, living right here...right now

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