563. August 31…Last day of August….

"Bowl of Pre Diabetic Possibilities" ©2011 Robert Redus
“People who keep dogs are cowards who haven’t got the guts to bite people themselves.” – August Strindberg

So faster than a jack rabbit dodging traffic on a hot August day in Ozona…the month has ended…and I have to say I don’t really recall much of August as it went by so quickly…I do know it was wonderful…fufilling…filled with newness and adventure….one for the books…

I did learn a great deal in the “blink of the eye month”…(that’s what I’m calling August from now on, I’m naming each month names and phrases I like rather than the traditional ones)….and I learned some things that are like farming…not farming literally but the idea that to get the things it takes nurturing the surrounding area and making certain it’s all set…

so here they are:

  1. There’s much more to making the plans …than just making the plans…
  2. When I get new colors of paint…I paint more paintings…
  3. “Jazz” apples are far superior to any other apple growing on the planet…
  4. There is the “Intention”…then there is the “Reality”….
  5. I’ve replaced the “5”… habits on a the habit scale of 1-10  with habits that hover right around 9…9.75
  6. Literally is not always real…and if they say 1pm…they could mean 3pm or even tomorrow…
  7. Staying power as an artist is really important…
  8. Love is much greater than Fear
  9. If I feel the need to impress you or you feel the need to impress me, let’s stop and make an appointment for next year and see if we’ve gotten over it…
  10. Everything’s easier with sleep….
there are many more…and I can’t say these are the top 10…but right up there….and I feel that the most important thing I’ve learned in the Blink of the Eye Month is…
I can make it happen if I really want it to happen….
so hopefully your month was filled with greatness…accomplishment…and joy…and I’m really looking forward to next month…”Navajo Taco Month”….be well….
“My favourite poem is the one that starts ‘Thirty days hath September’ because it actually tells you something.” – Groucho Marx

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