574. November 4th, 2011…

"The Final Paintings" ©Robert Redus 2011

“Companions, in misery and worse, that is what we all are, and to try to change this substantially avails us nothing.” – Franz Liszt

“Be all that you can be”….that was what the US Army jingle was many years ago…sort of set the stage for knowing the unknown was where the greatest possibilities were….rather than the obvious…

yesterday I had the honor of speaking to an auditorium filled with high school students who were excited about art… 10 other artists and myself were invited to share a little of our experiences and what we do with some very eager and interested students who will be graduating in the next couple of years…each thinking about art and at some level how it fits into their lives…it was refreshing see that creativity and the quest of the aesthetic were prominent…each student had their own idea…vision…some high diving board dive… that was going to be all that it could be…each presenter said something different about art yet we all said one thing that seemed as universal as a Big Mac…fries and a Coke…and that was passion…and how doing things that are driven by passion and nothing else…are life changing…

my high school biology teacher was a monotone…nothing really severe in stressing anything he ever said…yet even through his speech did nothing to convince anybody that biology was all he thought about…dreamed about and lived for…his actions did…when he showed us the method he wanted us to use when it came to leopard frog dissection…his passion about it was so thick you could cut it with a #17 scalpel…

last night just after 9pm I finished the last painting of 500 paintings on paper I’ve been working on since April…it was somewhere between sitting on a whoopi cushion…unexpectedly…standing on a very high place without a rail…and asking Katy Udell to dance when I was 11 at the Holidays Dance Club…all needless to say invigorating as well as tempting…this last painting though it is the last is no less or more important than all of the others before it…it really is much like Wiley coyote’s constant pursuit of the Roadrunner…I’m going t rest a little today…my Roadrunner quest will begin again in a couple of days…..


7 thoughts on “574. November 4th, 2011…

  1. congrats on finishing! From what “little” I have seen they look great. Was talking to my dad the other day, he mentioned you. I think you should get a chance to meet,


    1. Thank you….this has been a wonderful experience…something I already miss..so maybe i keep painting on paper everyday just without the end number…I am looking forward to meeting your father…


    1. Thanks Sharon….I too have mixed feelings about finishing this project but in the back of my mind…I’m going to probably keep doing it…and not say anything about it…thanks for the offer…


  2. Let’s celebrate!!!!! Congrats on 500!! That is AMAZING! And, how cool to give a talk to high school students. Little does anyone know how that talk can be life-changing for a kid. The ‘butterfly effect’ in full action, I say.
    Although my reception is on the same night, I think I will stop by your show first (before the reception) to see the work. I know you might not be there, but i want to see the work. Very impressive, 500 is!
    I AM IMPRESSED!! And, proud of your accomplishment.
    Oh-and only YOU would remember that is was a #17 scalpel.


    1. Thanks Paula…the talk at the school was wonderful…the kids were extremely receptive and wanted to know more about everything…I’ll make it a point to be there…I would also like to come by and see what you are showing as well…


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