584. December 30, 2011….Tortillas are not the only place to see Icons…you know…

"The New Icon" ©2011 Robert Redus

“Because of indifference, one dies before one actually dies.” – Elie Wiesel

In the next day or so…some people are going to make a series of commitments that range from the benign to the extreme….hoping that by the sheer act of verbalizing their resolution ….the resolution now has a beautiful new set of pearly white wings…rather than the old cutout cardboard…water stained wings hanging in the garage from few years ago…that proved flight was fantasy…or at least extend flight was…yet the new wings…well of course they’re different…right?

Friedrich Nietzsche used resolution with Christianity much like Taoism defines the notion of what ever we are looking for we will find….Nietzsche said… ” The Christian resolution to find the world ugly and bad has made the world ugly and bad…sort of what ever you look for you’ll find…and I guess this takes me to here:
  • Australian Aborigines believe:
The great Father of All Spirits awakened the Sun Mother and told her to go down to earth and
wake the sleeping spirits, …”Give them forms”…when Sun Mother arrived on earth…every step she took  plants began to grow…she walked into the dark caves…her light awakened all the spirits and insects of all kinds flew from the caves…soon the insects were mingling with the plants..Sun Mother was happy…She ventured deeper into the caves…her great light melted all of the ice forming all of the rivers and streams…she then created the fish and small snakes, lizards and frogs. Then awakened the birds and animals…she told all of them to enjoy the wealth of the earth and live peacefully…Sun Mother returned to the sky and became the sun…everything watched Sun Mother disappear into the west…they stood frozen thinking she had left them…until they saw her the next day peek up on the other side of the earth….Sun Mother thought to herself that she must create new creatures…She gave birth to two children. The god was the Morning Star and the goddess was the moon. she sent them to Earth. They became our ancestors.
  • Iroquois believe:
Before the world was an island floating in the sky where the Sky People lived…no one died or was born or was ever sad…a Sky woman realized  she was going to give birth to twins, she told her husband…he was enraged and pulled up a tree from the center of the island…creating an enormous hole…the Sky woman curious peered down the hole and saw the earth below covered with water…her husband pushed her through the hole…surely going to fall into the water filled with water animals…seconds before hitting the water….two birds caught her on their backs and brought her to the other animals…there was only water…and try as they may the birds could not get enough mud to make land from beneath the ocean…then little toad tried…when he returned his mouth was filled with mud and they began covering the back of Big Turtle…the mud grew until it was the size of North America…Sky Woman stepped onto the land, she sprinkled dust into the air and created stars. Then she created the moon and sun….Sky Woman give birth to twins sons Sapling and Flint….Sapling was gentle and kind…Flint was hard and cold…they grew and filled the world with their creations…Sapling created what is good. He made animals that are useful to humans. He made rivers that went two ways and into these he put fish without bones. He made plants that people could eat easily. Flint destroyed much of Sapling’s work and created all that is bad. He made the rivers flow only in one direction. He put bones in fish and thorns on berry bushes. He created winter, but Sapling gave it life so that it could move to give way to Spring….Sapling and Flint decided to fight and Flint was beaten…but since he was a god…he could not die…Flint was forced to live on Big Turtle’s back. A volcano is his anger….

What ever we choose to resolve…we must do it with a great story…something that this time next year…when we’re wearing Beatle Boots…maybe driving a convertible….eating ice cream right out of the container…and saying… “Bitchin” instead of “Great”…oh and eating more with our hands than with utensils…we can look back and say it was ….bitchin…..

Be well…..

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