586. January 18th, 2012…

SayNO toPIPAandSOPA…!!


5 thoughts on “586. January 18th, 2012…

    1. Yes…!! I’m glad to see that enough people created enough stir to slow down the machinery. Many senators and congressmen lost their internet because of the response to PIPA and SOPA…


  1. I wrote a letter to the editor about censorship by a state rep of school library books. yesterday in the mail I got a torn open envelope with found in street written on it. It was my envelope, sans letter. Had copied letter so I resent today. Wonder how it got in the street? Is Big bro onto my mailbox? Aww geez! Took me a minute to get this!


    1. Yow that’s a little scary Ellen…Maybe Big Brother isn’t reading the right books….Censorship is just not a viable part of being free and thinking free…something about what we can and can not read or watch or visit on the internet reeks of oppression… Hope all is well…


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