591. January 31st….Last day of the first month…vs…first day of the last month…

“Night Beast” ©Robert Redus 2012

” I subscribe to the myth that an artist’s creativity comes from torment. Once that’s fixed, what do you draw on?” – David Byrne

So January is making way for the shortest month of the year…I’ve little opinion of January…either way…but like each and every month…if I pay attention I will see emerge what is significant on my own…personal horizon…I am then left with the choice to either do or not with regard to my observations…

Observations much like advice…have value given they are something that directly changes the situation in a way that the outcome is what I the observer/advicee  am seeking…but not always…. The Tao Te Ching 24 says:

“The kind of person who always insists
on his way of seeing things
can never learn anything from anyone.”

Many times an observation may become an entry…the first few seconds of a thought…the method it begins with is not and more often never what it finishes as….

in January….I revisited a great deal :

  1. The less I have…the more I appreciate…what I do have
  2. Admitting the truth and Telling the truth…are two very different methods of arriving at different truths…
  3. Even a really bad plan is better than no plan at all…
  4. The amount of air inside of an apple is what makes it crispy…
  5. Many interests have many distractions…
  6. Divide by 2…in most cases
  7. The harder and smarter I work…the luckier I will become…
  8. Any age is to old to be…fooling yourself
  9. I prefer Romano cheese hands down over Parmesan
  10. It’s easier to slip than slide in most cases…

so there you have a wrap of January…2012…..

“My dad liked how January went with Jones.” – January Jones

Author: Robert Redus

Painter, Jeweler and Writer, living right here...right now

7 thoughts on “591. January 31st….Last day of the first month…vs…first day of the last month…”

  1. Good for you Robert. Parmesan is a weak and quiet cheese for those with cowardly tongues. Romano, on the other hand, is the true “Stinky Cheese” that makes everything taste better. As a matter of fact you can easily replace Parmesan with sawdust and those who prefer it will not know the difference. If you don’t believe me ask the people down at KRAFT Foods.
    Get a small dish and put some nice Romano in it for your cat. Mine absolutely loves it.
    It’s that good old 5th taste… Umami… ooh Baby!


  2. Mrs. N…..delighted to see you….
    Everything is about the flavor these days…spiced with a variety fragrant, sweet, capsaicin laced little darlings…whole or chopped…even crushed….guaranteed to make it a true adventure…no time for the meek or insignificant flavors burdened with the subtleties of a single sprig of saffron…nope…no siree…

    I trust all is well in your world…things are great here….

    be well


  3. I prefer asiago,,,, The apple thing? I thought it had something to do with the cold it was grown in or something like that. I like July best cuz that is my birth month and I still love my birthday! How are ya Robert?


  4. I keep going back to the apple thing as well…pretty crazy…huh???….I am doing great…who doesn’t love their birthday….right…I love the entire month of November because of that…I hope you are doing well…


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