December 3, 2012….Bobby’s Home, A Safe Life or an Authenticity One and some places to start…

Bombay Letters

“Letters From Bombay”  ©2012Robert Redus

“The infant runs toward it with its eyes closed, the adult is stationary, the old man approaches it with his back turned.”

I feel as though I’m returning to the scene of a well executed crime, one many years old that I got away with and it is truly invigorating. So a brief hiatus and yes indeed, “Bobby’s Home”

I’ve been thinking a great deal about safety, and how all of us live for the most part….a very safe life….now before you disagree, scream out loud that I don’t know you, then tell yourself what an “unsafe”, over the top life you really live…think about it. Safety is convenient, it requires really nothing other than just plodding along through life much like the Cetorhinus maximus or Basking shark, which basically swims around with its mouth wide open , eating anything that goes in then filters through its highly developed gill rakers…they are referred to as  “Filter Feeders” or “Passive Feeders”….Baby breastfeeding we’ve all been there……

I asked a question on another blog I write, and that question was:

Do you want to live a safe life or an authentic one?

and after thinking about it for a while, I’m not sure if living a safe life excludes authenticity nor am I sure if authenticity requires life be unsafe. Clearly the point of the question is not this predictable type, black and white bubble to fill in with a #2 pencil or is it a question of one or the other…now choose safe over authentic.

Safe is defined as: free from hurt, injury, danger, or risk, while Authentic is defined as: not false or copied; genuine; real

Safety has longevity to it to some degree, stay indoors all of your life and the few things that will kill you other than bad genetics most likely would be natural disasters that might cause your house to be the cause of death, hurricane, 300px-Hurricane_Isabel_from_ISS

flood,flood house pic fire,170px-Candleburning  hoardinghoardingKitchenBefore….or a bloated can Blown Can …

being safe also ensures minimal hits…you can never be in a motorcycle accident if you never ride a motorcycle…unless of course you’re in an accident that involves one…safety in essence is like insurance…one of the definitions of Insurance just happens to be: a means of guaranteeing protection or safety….imagine that. so GIECO is really protecting me…and all along I thought they were in it for the money…

Now authenticity may have the option to be safe but it seems it has to have the “explore” check box rather than the vicarious one….which would you rather do…watch on the Animal channel a shark cage attack….or be in the cage getting attacked by the shark?….hands down in the cage….it is a play -vs- pay mentality…if you play….well….you get to be Captain Ron….if you pay…you get to be most people you know….

I’m writing this as I’m eating a bowl of krill, floating in the hot tub hoping it’s going to transform into the love boat, and wishing summer was less hot and closer….Safe life? you bet….there are some mild advantages….yet I’m unclear as to what they might be….or even look like…the safety/authenticity dialogue requires to very separate mind sets….Safety talk I can have with just socks on while looking into the mirror….while the Authenticity conversation is a running down the hill at night as fast as I can…with a wild pack of dogs chasing me…wanting the pack of hotdogs in my jacket sort of discussion. An Authentic life is living without the net….filling yourself up first and regularly…living outside of that box….tolerating less…and serving more….to start with….oh a some good navigational skills….

here is a great trailer to watch…Safe or Authentic?

fast forward ten years….shall we address you as….Captain…

or is your mouth wide open and  your gill rakers working….overtime….


“If you think you can fall, you’re more likely to.” – Nik Wallenda 

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