January 7,2013. I’d like to buy the world an Inflatable Kim Kardashian Doll, (sung to the 1971 Coke ad)

"America" ©2012
“America” ©2012 Robert Redus

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

This television commercial came out in 1971:

This was also going on in 1971:


I suggest turning the sound down on the Vietnam footage while listening to the coke commercial and watching the air strikes. There is an uneasy sort of harmony that goes with explosions while well manicured kids sing on a hilltop about a highly caffeinated, loaded with high fructose corn syrup, and who’d have ever known a relatively more destructive soft drink than bombs jingle.

This leads me to the quote this morning, “The Ranks of the Insane”…if I could play the guitar, I’d certainly be starting a band with that name! No really….I think……INSANITY IS THE NEW SANE.  I mean think about it….most people care more about Kim Kardashian’s “Baby Bump”, or did Jessica Simpson reveal a little too much breast on one of her press photographs than let’s say…..”ART”…yes I wrote ART, and for the reason that ART was once iconography …and the artists who produced that iconography were once the insane…the people mom and dad first off…didn’t want you to ever be and secondly surely didn’t want you to marry….and well because…”How’s he going to support you, and does he always dress like that?”…artists were the barometer of society the ones who redefined society with imagery…sculpture…words….ideas…the blurred edges of things….now it’s Brits boobs….

So here I am…the formerly insane….now the guy off the couch…sort of standing here wondering what exactly happened….while the people I always thought had it wired up so tight are in a frenzy…standing in lines waiting for new phones…exporting  $431,000.00 worth of almonds to Italy while importing $398,000.00 worth of almonds from Italy….wanting to “Go Green”….yet remain a polyamorous carnivore, who drives a  Hummer H5…and can only drink Melita  brewed, Half caf, soy, dry, pismo, light  easy foam, but make sure it’s in a Bio Cup…cool dude…. coffee.

So…I’m thinking of art installations more and more these days…maybe a 10,000 women with plastic baby bumps under their shirts…..filling elevators of busy high-rise buildings all wearing Jessica Simpson masks…or dropping Kim Kardashian inflatable dolls from Vintage B52’s over the entire state of Iowa….while loud speakers play “I’d like to buy the world a coke“….or maybe hire 500 people to just stand in line in front of every Apple store in NYC…and when asked why they are there….they can only answer…”You gotta be kidding…right, you mean you don’t know?” ….

so all of this being said….my mantra for the day is also my closing quote…..

“Please, if there is a god in heaven, bring back the insanity”

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