5.13.13 The Red String of Destiny

red stringHere

“Red String of Destiny” ©2013 Robert Redus

“Actions are the seed of fate deeds grow into destiny”

I have always believed in magic, not the rabbit from a hat type of magic but more the magic of events and things. Magic I believe infuses itself into who we are, how we are to the world and the concept of the Red String of Destiny.

 Here is what happened last night, Sunday, May 12th, 2013. The magic changed me.

The strangest event that has ever happened to me, took place tonight, while Sue and I were driving home from friend’s house. I spotted a black and white cat lying in the middle of the road, his head was up; he was alive but not moving. His eyes were foggy, he was panting heavily and blood was coming out of his mouth. A passing car stopped, and asked if I wanted some plastic bags to use t pick him up., she handed me 2 plastic bags. I had no intention of moving him instead, I began to flag cars away from the cat…..nothing too weird…just wait…..

I began yelling at the cat to , “get up, get up, get up.” Shortly a woman and her young son, (Jennifer and Nick) pulled up, asked if they could help. We discussed the options, coming up with the need for a piece of rigid cardboard. She and her son left. Another woman (Gail) appeared wanting to help, she and I flagged people into the other lane with plastic bags and the lights from our cell phones. Jennifer and Nick returned shortly with cardboard, a towel, and a kennel. In the meantime, the cat had picked itself up, and drug itself underneath the back of our truck.  I tried covering him with a towel, he spoked a bit and moved to the front of the truck and stayed there until the calvary  came.

Weird Thing #1

Nick was playing on his mother’s phone, when Jessica his mother commented on a message, she said, “Mateo got married today.” I immediately thought of this incredible wedding Sue and I had attended on Saturday where,  Mateo was the Groom, marrying the daughter of a friend of mine. Jennifer then said, “No I mean he got married yesterday” I asked Jennifer, “Did he marry a woman named Sadie?”, she responded, “No he married, a girl named Mercedes”, I opened the photos on my phone and asked if these were the Mateo and Mercedes she was talking about. She acknowledged they were and that she was unable to make it to the wedding, and both she and her son Nick had known Mateo for many years.

Weird Thing #2

As I’d mentioned, another woman pulled up shortly after Jennifer and Nick left to get cardboard. She (Gail) and I talked, discussed our options. She asked me if I’d called 311. I responded I had and that they were closed on Sundays and that a very good friend of mine was the director of the 311program here in Albuquerque, and I was going to call here at home. Gail then asked me, “Is her name Esther?” I answered, “Yes it is, how do you know Esther?” She told me that Esther worked out at the gym she worked at. She then asked me if I Knew Ralph, I answered, yes and that he was one of my closest friends. She then mentioned that she, Esther, and Ralph had started an art class there at the gym and she thought they were both delightful people. I agreed whole-heartedly.

After I spoke to Esther, she suggested I call 242-COPS. I did, told them what had happened, and was told they would call Animal Control and have someone come out. Another car pulled up, parked across the street and a couple and young got out ladened with bags of groceries, Gail asked them if they owned a Black and White cat. They said they did not, and went inside. I saw lights on next door to them and knocked on the door. A younger guy opened the door. I asked him, “Do you own a black and white cat”, he responded, “Yes, hold on”, waved  at someone. I said, “Your cat has been run over and it looks like it has a broken leg.” A woman appeared at the door, we walked to the truck, I shone my light underneath the truck, she looked and said, “Oh no Micky” and then tried to coax him to her. The cat got up walked towards her and laid back down. We agreed that the best way to capture the cat was cover it with a big blanket then she could take it to the vet. The young man who answered the door went to get a blanket from the porch, then looked back at us and said, “Is this your cat”, pointing to a black and white cat there on their porch. The woman acknowledged it was and said that the cat underneath our truck looked exactly like Micky.

I then called 242-COPS again, while on the phone with the operator, the Animal Control officer pulled up, I didn’t see him but ask, “Are you the animal control person”, he acknowledged he is and then asked, “where’s the cat?” From a distance he says, “You taught my son karate, I thought you moved.”  I said I did but came back for a while and would be leaving again soon. He then netted the cat, put it into a cage

Nick, Jessica’s son said to me, “I always wanted to take karate”, I said “I teach at All Star Youth”, Jennifer, his mother then said, “He takes Hip Hop dance with All Star Youth.

all of us strangers that were never really strangers at all.


7 thoughts on “5.13.13 The Red String of Destiny

    1. You are right Ellen.
      As much as I profess to be an existentialist there is a side of me that is drawn to fatalism like a moth to a flame. My fatalistic view on this entire thing is the lesson of innocence.The idea that no matter what has happened to us, what damage has been done we are all innocent and part of our being here is to protect that innocence in every other living thing, especially those that can not in themselves at a particular moment in time.


  1. It’s my theory of there are 29 people in Albuquerque and one of us knows them all! Lately I’ve decided it’s more like 15 in the arts community and about 9 in the disability field! I love (and use) the whole idea of the red thread that connects us all…great way to start my first day of being 60!


    1. Happy belated Birthday…no kidding, the level of significant coincidence was and is still a bit much for me to wrap my head around. I wondered what would have happened if we would have been out there an hour longer…maybe a long lost sibling would have shown up. lol…..Be well….


  2. OMG… weird but not weird!!! What will happend to the kitty? Won’t they put it down? : ( I’m sure someone is distraught and heartbroken that their kitty is missing. I hope they find each other. Who knows, the cat owner probably knows you too!!


  3. The cat was taken to an emergency vet for medical attention, they will see if he is chipped, which hopefully he is and will be reunited with his/her person. If not maybe someone will put up signs for a lost cat. I plan on doing that in the next day or so here in the area. I have a call into the Animal Rescue, which naturally is closed on Monday so I can get an “A” number to find out status and such. He was really messed up for a while but his eyes cleared, he became lucid and began breathing normal, he was very responsive compared to when I first saw him and was moving but obviously had an injury to one of his back legs. He was and I’m presuming he was a he….was a very beautiful younger cat. i will keep you posted.


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