What’s the difference if it doesn’t have a meaning….ask yourself that!

“I want to do to you what spring does with the cherry trees”

I recently relocated to Northern California…..a small town about an hour from the coast…..I’m waiting on my other half to arrive and then she and I will  find “The Place”…. that place we can hang up  the home shingle and walk along our redwood studded world saying things like, “Nice”…..”Glad that worked out”….and “Hup Ho”…I’m really looking forward to the “Hup Ho”…..so much so, I’ve been practicing saying it when I’m driving more than a few miles…..

I stopped for gas at a small sort of pink flamingo type place. One that had water spraying straight up in the air from fountains…..signs everywhere…..she  must have been a retired  Las Vegas show girl and….she had an affinity for large aquariums and  expensive…..gasoline…. 5.49/gallon…almost in the middle of the Mojave Desert….my questioning went like this….

  1. How did she get here?
  2. Was she Bavarian or German?
  3. Why was her gasoline $2.00 more expensive than Kingman Arizona prices
  4. When she said it was 112 yesterday was she talking in C’s or in F’s
  5. And how was it she said she knew so much about fish, but she’d never heard of an Oscar or a Convict?

well forget all of the hypothetical questions with no real answers……what really matters is I developed a pre-California Mantra…that for all  reasonable logic…made a great deal of sense and set the pace for my new Norcal lifestyle


I once waited for Amma to give me a hug and a mantra for about a little over 14 hours….it was well worth it mind you….

but the “Cool…Moist…Quiet…Calm” mantra….Wow!…clearly has made an enormous difference in my life in a very….very….short period of time….It’s kind of like…”Hup Ho”… thinking….short…sweet…to the point….and I don’t really know what it means…

So  in the infamous words of the guy who sang for the band Chicago…. “Does anybody really care a oh oh oh oh”….. I’ll be thinking of you on my walk tonight….and wondering why does tannin occur naturally in redwoods….

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once”


7 thoughts on “What’s the difference if it doesn’t have a meaning….ask yourself that!

  1. Hey Robert, does near the coast mean Guerneville???? A place that stays locked in my memory…..read post outloud to Joez
    Love the buds in NM Paula


  2. Hey guys, no right now it means Calistoga, for now…but Guerneville is close. I’m waiting for Sue for a road trip there!


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