The Book of Truth..order your copy NOW!

Photo Jul 26, 5 15 07 PM

“Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.”

It’s really what we know…was how the conversation began…I then inserted…”and what we don’t…see that’s the problem…I mean really why is it that you or I can walk into a supermarket and know nothing about what we are purchasing…other than a tomato is similar in shape..size…color…and visual to an apple…and that’s it…I don’t know a damn thing about that apple…with the exception, that if it is not organic it is loaded with pesticides…so my point is …what I call the


The Book of Truth is just that…the truth…wouldn’t it be great to know the truth about everything or at least have access to the information…I’d love to know how Monsanto can convince the powers that be that using GMO products laden with pesticides and what ever magic there is is safe…a-okay to use and especially to keep it veiled like a new bride…It would read like this:

Well, truth be told, the only reason Monsanto gets away with what they do is because they spend a ton of money on us, (The Senate, Congress, etc). Usually 5-7 times a year they fly us to these great private resorts, called “Black Resorts” where they make all of our private, personal, bizarre fantasies come true…no exceptions…anythng we want , and i mean anything we want we get. They bring in the best disease free prostitutes, best drugs and liquor, they even have a great “Fantasy Director”, who will organize your fantasy no matter hope creepy it might be. That’s why they get what they want. There are many other companies that do this for us as well…God I love politics” – Anonymous Senator 

If this were the way is was explained…I’d get it…I’d understand why…but it’s not…it is left to us. the uninformed, the blind eyed, complacent, struggling to make ends meet populous…and we pretty much just have to accept it…I don’t think so…shouldn’t we demand the truth….I mean I want to know why the freeway is closed…not later, but right now…how difficult is it to put a sign up with all of the orange cones that reads… “Chemical Spill-Freeway Closed”…rather than having to listen to a paid lap dog explain on the news how a few thousand gallons of highly toxic chemicals spilled today, but there is really nothing to be alarmed about and how their company’s past record should be able to overshadow this…or wouldn’t it be great knowing that the war in Iraq was not orchestrated by a blatant manipulation and a pack of lies….wouldn’t you rather know that at a party Saddam Hussein….was found making out with Laura Bush in the East wing of the White House and George W figured he needed to kick a little ass for the insult…we’d get it…we might not agree..but it would be the truth…and some of us might even agree…”Yep…we should kick his ass

Jack Nicholson in the movie a, A Few Good Men said….. “You can’t handle the truth”….I think we could Jack…and I think the old adage, “The truth shall set you free” reall means a great deal…

THE BOOK of TRUTH…never going to be available at a bookstore near you…but it would sure be nice…I like when people tell me the truth…and I’ve always been told to tell the truth….

even if that dress does make her look fat…..

“Every closed eye is not sleeping, and every open eye is not seeing.”



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