Following the Dream

“With most people disbelief in a thing is founded on a blind belief in some other thing.”

A dream emerged this morning in the early hours…rather than bore you with the details, I have to say the symbolism was probably the most accurate for the dream to reality relationship…and like a psychic who no one believes…of course we all have the same issues, just wrapped in different colored paper same story…different twist, slightly different version of what,  “Sour” is or how we define, “Up”…but it still remains, “Sour” and “Up” in any form…so given a bit of soul prying…the answers spilled like irrigation in Spring…

Now…what to do with the answers…how about you?…your answers,do they work, or are they just filler to make the day a bit easier on the eyes, brain, life, etc…I don’t have the answer to that particular question…but I know for a fact just ask someone what they think of your path, and certainly you will get another compass point to think about, (not yours, but another point to point, so to speak). That’s the beauty of the path…regardless of the intent, feet still crunch that particular earth below, moving us in the direction that has some result we just gotta have…

We spent an afternoon in the beautiful town of Nicosio, had a terrific lunch at Rancho Nicasio met some really great people in…and along the way, and saw the music line up at this place. It is staggering…check it out on the link…

Here are a few photographs of the place:

So maybe an older school bus that is screaming to be something else…like a home, a traveling studio with a place for the pieces of everything to find their corners…or maybe it is Mexico for the winter, or Nevada, start at the beginning and see where it leads as it meanders along…All of it is just a dream you know,the task seems to be finding some meaning that makes it work…like frosting on cake…I love the fact, that everything is everywhere, here…and it is just a skip of a stone across the water…to get there…have fun, travel well…and be bold!!!

“A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.”

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