Blue Moon, I Saw You Standing Alone

“If you’re going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use both feet”

I’d like to think things make sense, and most things…yet is seems making sense is secondary to what it looks like. Saw a guy in line…3 credit cards declined…4th worked…but he was dressed well, drove a nice car, IPhone 6, and all there was to make what there was look convincing…to most…

Your plan, any ideas? well for me, it is becoming more about the community, this year is 60, and what I do now will follow me for the rest of my life…so I’m buying socks, no really, socks guaranteed for life Darn Tough Socks…check it out…and that is how I’m beginning to think, I mean I don’t rush to the restaurant offering the pre-senior special, or, “Nope, we only stay in AARP approved hotels”…there’s a fuck of a lot more to it than that. My 80 year old friend would do it differently if he could, and if he would…I should think about different…you should think about different…and that entire doing process…because there are options, you know…and pretty good ones, without declined credit cards…

Maybe it is time to start planning your community…not the one we all are slowly herded into, but the one that is rich and thick…luscious and filled with color and lots of paint…after all, it’s the lessor of 2 evils thinking right..except for the winner of that particular contest, well it’s still evil…but doesn’t have to be…

Thoughts about Postcards…Bones and What I really see…and My Own Personal Wishing Well

So tomorrow if you woke up and were doing exactly what you really wanted to be doing….is it different from today??

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored

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