The Ilk of a Good Doughnut

“Everybody wants to protect their own tribe, whether they are right or wrong.”

The word, “Ilk”, is defined as:

“A type of people or things similar to those already referred to.”

Ilk is about the idea of migration, the ability to take some inner parts of us, the, “most” parts of us and move these bits to a place that reflects who we are, what we are, what we believe, what we think, how we act, feel and also how we react, resist and persist…

My thoughts recently have been of my ilk, my tribe and my migration…where does it end up, or does it…is it a continuous trek. Are there subtle changes in all of it that never really allows the true adhesion of self to tribe or maybe I already wear the tattoo…. Are we a flock of birds moving a direction, then another.

Monarch butterflies can take up to 5 generations to migrate from Mexico to Canada…they seem to show ilk works well with ilk….

We didn’t decide who or what we migrated towards, we are like the Monarch in a sense, we just did and somehow hopefully that migration has made wearing a striped shirt with checkered pants….just perfect….and regardless, how or why we did, here we are. And we might say love did it, or perhaps we just walked out the door one day and the combination of self, adventure, maybe a little mescal, some cool sunsets and a box full of unique experiences got us to our tribe….they liked us, we liked them… 

Here is the best example of ilk….

The easy part of my Saturday morning with a blue corn doughnut…







Whoos Blue Corn, Blueberry Lavender Doughnuts are part of my tribe these days…..Those in my tribe, I thank you, you have filled me with great things….

What’s your tribe look like?

“You are only as strong as the alcohol you drink, the tables you dance on and the friends that hold you together”






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