Taking A New Walk

“There are two ways to be wealthy; to get everything you want, or to want everything you have”


“Most Every Morning This Morning”, ©Robert Redus

We are ultimately a product of what we were trained to be and do. Yet somehow along the way we opted to either take control of that previous being and doing person we were and change it, or we remained fundamentally the same old doer. So where we are, is it a choice or is it where we were trained to be…is there any significance in becoming something else…. 


“Where It died” © Robert Redus


“She Always Said Popcorn”, ©Robert Redus

The word Liminal, comes from the Latin word, “Threshold” it is defined as: occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold..

In other words: You are not what you were, nor are you what you are going to be….

Liminal space, is that place in-between what has been and what will be….In other words: The unknown, mystery…that place where if you pay attention, things happen, and in a big way!

The entire Liminal conversation is a gnarled set of roots wrapped with string and fishing line, forced into a garbage bag then wrapped tight with duct tape…There appears no simple answer…We either recognize we are in transition or we do not and clearly  transition has degrees that are personal, relative, pertinent, altering, life changing, or they may very well be putting new shoe laces into and old pair of hiking boots…..

Transition, mystery, the unknown are everywhere around us, deciding to bathe in it, drink it, immerse yourself into it, surrender to it, give it over to auto pilot for longer than you like  just might conjure up the word orgasm in a new and exciting way… and in the words of Jerry Jeff Walker, “Think about it Darlin

A bat epitomizes a “Liminal Being”……and what better animal for a new spirit animal… 

Here’s what I’m reading


Here’s what I’m listening to


“There is no exception to the rule, everyone wants to be the exception to the rule”

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