Notes from a Corner

Over There, ©2015 R.Redus

Heaven has always seemed so far away, not the religious version of heaven but that idea of knowing that there are greater things out there that crave collision. I have to remind myself that those things, those mysterious events I’ve dreamed my entire life, they wait there in the places where the small fur and paper nests of mice lay hidden, tucked away in the darkness…

And this morning I place a small brass bowl filled with a few tiny bits of hardened pinion pine sap on the wood stove, glanced at the full moon to the west with it’s sidewalk gray shadow spilling onto the landscape. The room filled with the smell of a newly pitch glazed piece of Navajo pottery….

Many things own this place at different times, the tamped down patches of high grass where the deer sleep at night, well worn trails of the coyotes on the ridges, bleached, gnawed bones and the cholla skeletons. Cracked earth tiled, mosaic, a charm, a sliver, a thought that escapes like water into the red dirt…

March 4, 2018…What’s in a Fortune Anyway…


“My Favorite Bunnies” ©2018

“You are only as strong as the alcohol you drink, the tables you dance on, and the friends that hold you together” 

I had lunch with a friend of mine some months ago in Calistoga California at the only Chinese restaurant in town. In typical, commercial, Chinese restaurant fashion, two cellophane wrapped fortune cookies appeared along with the check.

I will admit, when the fortune cookies arrive, something comes over me, (some of you do this too, just differently, and it is OK). I become over the top superstitious, count to 6, three times…tap my left foot a few times, blink twice, wave my hand over each cookie, hoping to feel the magic and juju I so associate with fortune cookies. I mean for God’s sake, they are, “FORTUNE”, cookies…I make major decisions based on what’s wrapped up in that tiny stale, sometimes spongy treasure chest…part of my superstition is being the last to take the remaining little pillow of fate…at least that way I know destiny has clearly chosen me by the process of elimination and what awaits, I follow like the Boy Scout motto…

I do have an out though if the fortune really sucks, I don’t eat any of the cookie, that way the fortune is null and void…whew!! The most memorable fortune I’ve ever had in my life created this null and void ritual… here goes:

“You will have a very unusual operation”

So with great anticipation, my friend made his choice, cracked it open and read his fortune…it was something about straight lines and life, had no relevance what so ever, so he said…I’ve yet to check with him though…I quivered with anticipation as I cracked open the vault of whatever fortune cookies are made of, and there on a slender piece of paper my fate awaited me…

In all seriousness, it was the most profound fortunes I’ve received, I look at it every day, and see how it works for me…not to mention, I’ve memorized the Chinese word on the back of the fortune, “Busy”,  Mang or Fan, depending of course….

Here’s what I’m listening to as I write this, I hope you enjoy it….

Hope your fortune comes true…

“The truth knocks on the door and you say, ‘Go away, I’m looking for the truth’, and so it goes away”

Become a Your Best Maker/Connector Today!

“If you’re not at the table, you’re probably on the menu.” M. Enzi

So, do you get what you want, or is more what you need??…I’d like to think we get what we want but mostly we don’t…we get what the universe sees fit to give us or what we deserve…which is one of the most bizarre things I’ve heard…I mean who decides what we deserve??? A nicer way of saying, “I want”,  is “I will manifest”….and seriously, “I want”, sounds  a little heavy, a little waiting at the gates sort of thinking…whereas, “I will manifest”, sounds more like you might have a secret formula…a blessing…some advantage…because of that water you drank in that cave in 1972…or there is a group of really spiritual people all wearing white and barefooted, pushing buttons, making calls for you…

Manifest  as an adjective means: readily perceived by the eye or the understanding as a Verb, to make clear or evident to the eye or the understanding, a Noun, a list or invoice of goods transported…..I love them all….it makes sense to Manifest rather than Want….kind of like swim…rather than drown….

I think we are very capable of manifesting…not just wanting…wanting is nothing standing in front of the process…waiting….

Here is wonderful new manifestation in my life…a new live/work/gallery space in New Mexico….yowza!! Thank you Suzanne!!!


Not the dog, or the blue chairs……and probably not the pillow either…



Here are some great things to think about….great pocket knives …Made these pancakes this morning, best I’ve had in a long time and ultra healthy…




Have a great week, make some great stuff happen, become the maker of things in your life. Travel well, do some stuff you wouldn’t normally do….

“Everyone, no matter how refined, had a stash of porn.” – Tinnean

The Road to Greater/Better Homogenization

“The computer can’t tell you the emotional story. It can give you the exact mathematical design, but what’s missing is the eyebrows.” 

So this morning over breakfast, our conversation digressed into the world we actually live in -vs- the world we sometimes…most of the time, think we live in….I listened to a conversation with Bill Moyers, (one we all should take the time to listen to) so…here’s the link.

A Starbucks on every corner, where do you buy office supplies if it is not Staples or Office Max…oh, and hardware…hmm, let’s see Home Depot or Lowes…I’m wondering why a homogenized landscape has become far more appealing to the masses than the diversity we scream we want…and demand in every other sector of our lives…

I live part-time in Northern California, specifically, “Wine Country”, what ever that means!! Living here, tasting wines is as normal as putting on your shoes, so, you’d think that each winery was this ma and pa owned vineyard, you know…..the one that Dolores and Chuck worked their hands to the bone to make the elixir so sought after….well that day did exist…once…and it still does to a very small degree. I don’t profess to know much about wine, other than what I like. The word “Estate Winery” brings a photo of Dolores and Chuck, growing their own grapes, harvesting, pressing, fermenting and bottling same grapes into their labeled bottle, and finally selling them to us…us meaning all of us….sorry…not any more…in most cases, (no pun intended) BIG GIANT CORPORATIONS own all of the same used to be ma and pa wineries…they just show the old photographs that make it look like ma and pa still do own  it….want to know  want GIANT CORPORATION owns the wine you like to drink…it might be HERE

So here’s my point…why eat the same meal everyday, read the same book each night for the rest of your life…oh and maybe you should wear nothing but khaki colored clothes forever, own one Jack Russell Terrier after another, drive the exact same car, only listen to one song,  maybe 2….basically do the same shit over each day everyday and think that’s living life…. with any diversity…I mean sure you might see someone who is doing the exact same thing, except their choice of dogs might be Rhodesian Ridgeback, clothing color taupe, and the songs are different by a few notes…and you become envious…as you drink your Starbucks coffee, with your Home Depot name tag, waiting in the drive up line at  KFC to order lunch, of something that looks like a chicken part, looks like macaroni and cheese, looks like a real biscuit, and comes with a fizzy 20Xs sweeter than sugar  beverage loaded with aspartame, which is KNOWN to cause cancer, imagine that….and all is groovy….just living life….

Everything is the same, nothing is different…drive through any city, you will see the homogenization of America close to completion…..ain’t it shame that we have let this happen….

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


Blue Moon, I Saw You Standing Alone

“If you’re going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use both feet”

I’d like to think things make sense, and most things…yet is seems making sense is secondary to what it looks like. Saw a guy in line…3 credit cards declined…4th worked…but he was dressed well, drove a nice car, IPhone 6, and all there was to make what there was look convincing…to most…

Your plan, any ideas? well for me, it is becoming more about the community, this year is 60, and what I do now will follow me for the rest of my life…so I’m buying socks, no really, socks guaranteed for life Darn Tough Socks…check it out…and that is how I’m beginning to think, I mean I don’t rush to the restaurant offering the pre-senior special, or, “Nope, we only stay in AARP approved hotels”…there’s a fuck of a lot more to it than that. My 80 year old friend would do it differently if he could, and if he would…I should think about different…you should think about different…and that entire doing process…because there are options, you know…and pretty good ones, without declined credit cards…

Maybe it is time to start planning your community…not the one we all are slowly herded into, but the one that is rich and thick…luscious and filled with color and lots of paint…after all, it’s the lessor of 2 evils thinking right..except for the winner of that particular contest, well it’s still evil…but doesn’t have to be…

Thoughts about Postcards…Bones and What I really see…and My Own Personal Wishing Well

So tomorrow if you woke up and were doing exactly what you really wanted to be doing….is it different from today??

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored

Following the Dream

“With most people disbelief in a thing is founded on a blind belief in some other thing.”

A dream emerged this morning in the early hours…rather than bore you with the details, I have to say the symbolism was probably the most accurate for the dream to reality relationship…and like a psychic who no one believes…of course we all have the same issues, just wrapped in different colored paper same story…different twist, slightly different version of what,  “Sour” is or how we define, “Up”…but it still remains, “Sour” and “Up” in any form…so given a bit of soul prying…the answers spilled like irrigation in Spring…

Now…what to do with the answers…how about you?…your answers,do they work, or are they just filler to make the day a bit easier on the eyes, brain, life, etc…I don’t have the answer to that particular question…but I know for a fact just ask someone what they think of your path, and certainly you will get another compass point to think about, (not yours, but another point to point, so to speak). That’s the beauty of the path…regardless of the intent, feet still crunch that particular earth below, moving us in the direction that has some result we just gotta have…

We spent an afternoon in the beautiful town of Nicosio, had a terrific lunch at Rancho Nicasio met some really great people in…and along the way, and saw the music line up at this place. It is staggering…check it out on the link…

Here are a few photographs of the place:

So maybe an older school bus that is screaming to be something else…like a home, a traveling studio with a place for the pieces of everything to find their corners…or maybe it is Mexico for the winter, or Nevada, start at the beginning and see where it leads as it meanders along…All of it is just a dream you know,the task seems to be finding some meaning that makes it work…like frosting on cake…I love the fact, that everything is everywhere, here…and it is just a skip of a stone across the water…to get there…have fun, travel well…and be bold!!!

“A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.”

Making a small part of your life a Country Western Song in 2 very EASY steps….


                                                          “Confessions of a River Dancer” ©2013, Robert Redus

“There probably aren’t a lot of actors my age who tap dance.” – Christopher Walken

there is always that point of recall…you know…that place where we can say it all began…John Anderson…the country western singer said… “It all started at a corner table, sipping on a Jack and Coke, and when the sun found us the next morning, we were acting like married folk” 

so some truth does exist that we might have an inkling of what is yet to come….I mean if you grew up in the 1970’s…went to a bar on a Friday night…chances are what you wanted just very well might have happened….wether it was drugs…trips to Albania in a cargo plane…sex…understanding what “Altered” really meant…or maybe being the best man at your best friend’s wedding just across the border with one of the girls you’d picked up a few hours earlier hitchhiking to Oregon….it…the true “it” was all there…and available for a small price at the time…

I once drove a car with 4 other people 3 of whom I’d met earlier that night…(around 10:30 at a bar in Juarez Mexico we left around midnight)…to LA to drop one of the guys off…we had an ice chest filled with beer some mangoes…a potted plant and 1/2 pound of dope…clearly…we only saw the inkling in small sporadic flashes across the windshield….throughout the entire trip…and to this day…I don’t know if anybody in the car actually…owned the car…when the haze cleared…we were at the point of no return and the guy we were dropping off in LA decided….he want to go to Reno instead….none of us had ever been to Reno…

my point is simple….what lies in front of us more often than not….has been there awhile…we’ve either stepped over it…walked around it…ignored or periodically acknowledged it…as if we are really going to get to it….and soon….and we drag it around like a sleeping bag…looking for a place to sleep…for the night

my father insisted I get a haircut every Wednesday night…and three of his army buddies and I would drive over the Zaragosa bridge into Mexico to get a haircut and a shoe shine for .45 cents….we then would stop at a bakery and eat some Mexican hard rolls with butter…buy a few cartons of cigarettes…and because one of his friends had a torrid love affair with vodka…he’d purchase 4 bottles of Oso Negro…you know the one with the little black bear on the chain around the neck of the bottle….we’d hide the vodka and cigarettes under the seat….every time my father passed through customs…. they’d asked him what we had to declare…he would answer….”Just haircuts and shined shoes”…one could easily look into the car and see all of us with really bad haircuts…and shiny shoes….that’s predictability to an extreme….but every Wednesday….I knew what to expect…and I can pinpoint…..starting day

Maybe almost 57 years old has offered up the why I believe this way lately….and maybe it hasn’t…it could be my mortality…or even that fact that I care more about fiber than at any other point in my life…the knowing what to expect most of my life frankly never really mattered….and now there is this need to find where it all started..sure this could quickly turn into the chicken or the egg dialog and it might never have an answer of any substance…and then again…if I ever find out where it started…might just ruin where it’s going…

I once knew a prostitute…who said she was Carol Channing’s sister “Wendy…now Wendy was from Zacatecas Mexico…originally and yes….she did resemble Carol…until she said anything…and once she spoke…it was clear she shared nothing with Carol other than maybe mitochondrial  eve DNA…even though it was not convincing…someone somewhere is telling…someone somewhere they slept with Carol Channing’s sister…Wendy…now that’s a place to start…kind of like John Anderson…. “it all started at a bar in Mexico, I was sitting with Carol Channing’s sister…Wendy…we negotiated a little..she liked me…I liked her….and before you know it”

So….I’d like you take a few moments…think about where something big started in your life….once you’ve identified the event…what’s it look like leading up to it….how did you want it to work out – VS – how it did work out….what did you want to happen after the event -VS – what really happened after the event…you know….were there blood tests…or paternity tests…did you run away…have to meet a bunch of people…say yes a great deal more than you wanted…or did you just nod your head a whole bunch….in either direction…look up alot…cross your arms or realized how little you cared for all of that stuff you once said was valuable as you were sneaking onto the cargo plane to Albania…now once you’ve been here…established some memorable event….my next challenge is…..

Can you make the  lyrics to a country western song from your event…..

here goes mine…:

It was  New Year’s  Eve, 1973,
El Toro Lounge, Santa Fe and I was
with my new friends from New York State 
She was a dark haired beauty, laughing at my newspaper hat
with a picture of Katharine Ross taped
right there on the front
I was rolling a Bugler cigarette thinking about paper clips, why dogs bark so much
she handed me a napkin with a key in it and her addressed printed beautifully in red ink
she never said her husband was a murderer
she never said he was going to be released so soon
she never said I had to worry  much 
just as long as I was gone by next Tuesday at noon

so it all started….right….the rest of the story later….maybe…

“If I talk about something I either talk about it or I DO it… the minute I talk about it it’s lost all it’s drive and all it’s fun.” – Carol Channing

I Gotta Testify…..

"My Little Gunner"©2013 Robert Redus
“My Little Gunner”©2013 Robert Redus

“You know, lieutenant, you wear your weapon the way other women wear pearls.”

All couples have songs….my sweety and I are no different…we just have a kind of…”Different” song…we sing to one another….Ours happens to be a 1940’s classic by none other than…you bethcha…..Vaughn Monroe…and I’m sharing it…well because I’m sort of testifying…

I’m 57 this year…that is a monumental accomplishment for people who die in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and less than 57’s…I mean…I realize getting to a particular age is only an accomplishment if….the process of getting there was like pulling your fingernails out with…rusty pliers…or holding your breath for more than 3 minutes in 66 degree water…but nevertheless…getting to this place in my life has been interesting…I’ll just leave it at that…

What I’ve really learned along the way are some pretty powerful things…and things that sure some of you are going to probably say… “I already knew that, and that one…oh and that one, who doesn’t know that” …and if that is the case…perhaps closing the pie hole…turning on the television and praying for a few reruns of Magnum PI will be better for you than reading this blog……I’ll wait…..

I’ve discovered through these…almost 57 years…2 of the most important things…I have been working with…that’s correct…TWO  and only 2…but I’ll get there in a bit…

So today the world has…lost some  people…gained some people…has seen some good decisions…some bad decisions..seen some stuff that some people have said… “Hell yes”…while others have said…”You’ve got to be kidding, how’d that happen”…some people smiled more than before…while others grimmiced…like never before…some people were cured from diseases…and still others got diseases…for everything that happened today…there are those who thought it was great while others thought it was the worst…people excelled…people declined…peopled walked…people lost the ability to walk…some could see…others could not…some were…born…killed…celebrated birthdays…circumcised…beaten…lost their virginity…ate something new for the first time…fell in love…learned to hate…saw the same…defined differences…were afraid…triumphant…were constipated and had raging diarrhea…and it’s all going to happen exactly the same way tomorrow…and the following day and long past anything you will ever be…that being said…

it makes you want to say:

and the answer is…there is not a thing you or I or anyone can do about this ceespool…call me complacent…cynical…even misguided…but really….whatchu talking about….how you gonna change this…pray… march against everything….pay off your congressman…form a big Sub Chapter S corporation…sponsor a children’s beauty contest…wear argyle socks….there is nothing…nada…zip…that you or I can do about it…so my little pretties…here are the 2 most important things

El primero:

You can always get other people to believe your bullshit…almost all of the time

and Numero dos:

Never, ever believe your own bullshit any of the time

Where we are…well is where we are….we didn’t get here by accident…so if it’s the….second coming…global warming…or all of the pancakes you can eat special at Denny’s on Friday night…get your bullshit out there….get them believing it…and find a special song that means something for God’s sake….something that will get you off your ass and up….Testifying…

oh…and if you can’t figure it out…fall in love with it…..

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

January 16th, 2013….Reality check…exceptionally exceptional, exceptionally exceptional excep. It will be Next weekend…just watch…


Damien Hirst, Dot paintings, or is it a Twister Game Board?

“The happiness of most people is not ruined by great catastrophes or fatal errors, but by the repetition of slowly destructive little things.”

Albert Einstein is said to have defined insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. I have a degree in this…probably a Masters if not a PhD…and chances are most of you do as well….Today is going to be filled with quotes it appears….Charles Osgood said, “There is no exception to the rule that everyone wants to be the exception to the rule”…and yes I am as guilty of this as you are…and last but not least…the ever profound Mike Tyson said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”…I too have had incredible plans…plans that were foolproof until…I was figuratively punched in the face…even had a few literal punches…my point is pretty clear…or at least I hope it is…

If you think you are not delusional….think again….your plans, ideas, all of the bullshit you/me/everybody keeps locked up waiting until the magic mushrooms  take effect…and when they do…out comes the rabbit from the hat…your ideas and plans bloom like a tomato plant laced with Miracle Grow…and before long you can make 3 gallons of pasta sauce with 1/2 of a tomato…and it works…and everything is good….the masses are fed…you’ve increased a few hat sizes….you are better looking…exceptional…..and it’s time to move onto the next project…yes indeed….Mr. exceptional….

We all do the same thing repeatedly and expect different results…we either want to be or believe we already are the exception…and our plan is so dynamic and doable… so foolproof…flawless….bob and weave…stick and move……until those 4 knuckles spread our noses to the left side of our faces….like warm cream cheese on a bagel….

I spent all last summer at the Tesuque Flea Market…once the flagship for flea markets across the country…so much so that people were making $15,000.00 a weekend selling anything and everything…artists were discovered there….celebrities flocked to the acres of tents…the jewels were just waiting to be picked from the vines…it was the western version of Andy Warhol’s Factory….

another saying that we’ll attribute to the author….anonymous….“That was then and this is now” …the market now is much like something the state would send first time DWI offenders there to do community service…or maybe a remote penal colony….it is bleak…windy…hot…delusional….and filled with remnants of the “THEN”….many people there now were there during the heyday…and they will tell you about it….The part I enjoyed the most was the predictability of Next Week and the Next Week and the following week…….I spent from March to September hearing:

  • “Next weekend is always the best weekend of April”
  • “This weekend should have been better, but the ___________was going on in Santa Fe”
  • “The first of May it gets so busy you can’t sit down”
  • “June, July and August are the best, tourists season”
  • “Just wait until next weekend”
  • “Saturday will be slow, but Sunday, is going to be really busy”

The process was always waiting for NEXT WEEK and accepting that the $100 a day in sales….were just the tip of the iceberg…Next week was going to kick some serious ass….you just wait and see….

next week never came…there was not a “Season”…and my repetitive delusion of being  the exception was only shattered by an incredible left hook right combination to my face….Thank you…thank you…..thank you…..

Anxiety is derived from one of 2 things being focused on the past or on the future….there is one thing worse than uncertain anticipation and that is morbid reflection and one thing worse than morbid reflection….take a guess what that might be…..

I read a brilliant article in Forbes today about business…something I could always be more savvy in….the truth of the matter is well placed in the 2nd to the last paragraph….

“Remember to be honest with yourself, and while you might paint a rosy picture publicly, never buy your own B.S.”

….that has to be the smartest thing I’ve heard in a long time…because so often our own B.S. will become our reality…so we’re living knee-deep in our BS…wondering why it just ain’t working like we planned….and here we are the same schlub just with a crew cut and maybe a new set of teeth….

There is hope though….having receptivity is like going to a dance without a date but knowing you’re going to dance all night…even if it’s by yourself…. wish I’d have gotten that earlier in life….instead I stood  against the wall at the Holiday Dance Club dances…wearing a paisley Apache Tie,  bell bottom pants that could cover a small poodle, brut cologne and enough clearasil to patch ever dent in an older automobile….

Receptivity means…“having the quality of receiving, taking in, or admitting.” something based on the Einstein, Osgood Tyson dilemma…( that sound so real, sort of economic in nature….The EOT Dilemma…wow!, I’m on to something…)

Junkies, alcoholics, addicts of any kind usually have to admit the problem exists in order  to address the problem that exists…and once that hurdle has been overcome…a process begins….an end result will either be success or failure based on the ever elusive now….the work that has gone into address the problem and the ability too of staying power….

So my summed up points in all of this are simple: Please….Say this out loud….and a bunch of times….

  • I can fool myself easier than I can fool anybody else
  • Once fooled it might take me awhile to know I fooled myself then it might take a while longer to admit I fooled myself
  • Nothing is as it ever was, nor will it ever be
  • Anticipation of the future based on a poor model…one littered with poor planning…repetitive failures and just plain bad juju will always produce  horrid results
  • Now is the most important moment I have
  • The “EOT Dilemma” is real and it applies to Me
  • Live in Bull Shit or don’t
  • If my reality and my bullshit are the same…I really need a major adjustment…and quickly

here’s a little BS for you………

“Remember, a dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream.”


January 13, 2013. You want to be Miss America…stand in line….How to Develop good PC “ism’s” and Gray is the new Kinky…

Negative Space, ©2012 Robert Redus
Negative Space, ©2012 Robert Redus

“Lust’s passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes.”

With all that has happened….killings, shootings, guns, portraits of the Duchess, Miss New York winning the Miss America contest…Tactical Response CEO, James “I’m Back Pedaling” Yeager  and his I’m going to start killing people rant, not to mention the ongoing Lady Gaga, Kelly Osbourne feud…….it is no surprise there is a little caution on the streets of the world… how’d we get here…

We got here by millions of….ISM’s…that’s right…add ISM to any word and you now have created “The act, state, or theory of” that word….so this morning I cooked a little Jimmy Dean Sage Sausage…with eggs…called it “Breakfast”….now if I add ism to breakfast…I have created the act and basic fundamentals,  philosophy, life style, cannons, beliefs, doctrines, directions, cans and can nots, do and don’ts, religious beliefs, theories, and all that goes with the structure and fundamental  Right for  “Breakfastism” to be accepted, respected and used as my method of defining who I am and what I believe and more so to EXIST and not be infringed upon…..I’ve also in just a short period of time added “ism” to much of what I’ve done today already and they are:

  • Bathroomism
  • Eliminationism
  • Dental Hygieneism
  • Coffeeism

so I trust you can see where this is going….truly the problem is not exclusively the “ism” idea…it is a combination of ISM Ideology and Freedom….give somebody enough free time, reasonable gray matter, something to write with and on, and don’t scare them or intimidate them, you have the making of a true…..“I can say. do, be, infringe on you because I can say, do, be, infringe on anybody I want at any time I want kind of personality development program”  I guess that could be call “Personalism”…..or better “Meism”….my personal favorite…..“Notyouism” but I believe the vernacular is Narcissism….

So many of us have taken on the philosophy of “Demandism” or the ever popular “Idontcarewhatyouthinkism” and as long as these ism’s are at the forefront of operations, we have a major problem brewing and ready to explode.

Here’s the solution:

  • We all have to wear gray clothes for a year
  • We can own nothing for a year, (except 7 changes of gray clothes)
  • We live in a compound with nothing but a bed, 3 meals a day, a shower and a thousand people just like us
  • We share all of the work
  • We grow more food than we can eat, and give the rest away to the community
  • We exploit our skills, whatever they may be intellectual, medical, tangible, service, whatever…..and always give the end result away once a week
  • Everything we do for 1 years time we donate
  • We teach people what we know who want to learn, for free. We have to teach 3 classes each week for free.
  • We have a tutoring program for children and adults
  • We have dances and parties every second Friday from dusk till dawn, and we teach dance lessons, (hopefully the Merengue and the Samba)
  • We help people start businesses and consult for their businesses.
  • We develop The act, state, or theory of  “Giveism”, “Donatemytimeism”, “Selflessism”

Now before you call me a socialist or a communist….think of the things in your past you condemned before trying….say like certain vegetables,  sexual positions, putting on the Donald Duck mask and the diving flippers wrapping yourself  in Saran Wrap and chasing the little lady around the house with a spray bottle filled with Kama Sutra oil…or not…but my point is “try before you defy”….Nice…Robert….and right off the cuff too….

nevertheless….a year is a short amount of time to realize that maybe what you think now…is A Okay for now…but as I recently discovered….the world ain’t built for people my age….it really revolves around those in their 20’s and 30’s….the rest of us are either in the middle of the herd getting protected from the outside or we’re on the outside…slowing the herd down…

So rant about your freedoms being encroached upon…but ask your what have I done to ensure freedom applies to everyone…it isn’t just living here…or being here it’s back to the gray clothes thing…I know, I know, but you know a study was done with 100 people…each given $100.00, 50 people were instructed to spend it on themselves while the other 50 were told to spend it/give it to someone else. Each group had their happiness measured ….and in the infamous words of Gomer Pyle USMC…..

The group who gave the money away were far happier than those who spent it on themselves……so maybe Miss New York…just might want to think about giving her Miss America title with crown and sash, (no strings attached) to Tactical Response CEO James Yeager…and Mr. Yeager in return might give his time to someone who is exactly the opposite person….he is……

“I have no intention of telling people what I have for breakfast.” – Princess Margaret

(Founder of the Antisharingbreakfastism movement)