Behind the Wheel

Thoughts from the "Tinman"

The worst enemy of life, freedom and the common decencies is total anarchy; their second worst enemy is total efficiency.” Aldous Huxley

I’m not really certain about the landing place for me. I can tell you it has  much to do with “The Road”, the adventure that always waits on the porch for you to come home. You know, that place that is uncertain in a kind of wonderment way. Have you ever taken a trip with no map, no directional device to get you there? That’s what I’m talking about. Just road, vehicle, you, enough water, gas and food to get you, “There”, where ever, “There”,  might be. Sounds overly romantic and irresponsible…c’mon, you have a mortgage, credit card bills, all of those things that have to be done before anything else gets considered. 

I’ve recently taken to to carrying in my car, a, “Bugout Bag“, along with a sleeping bag, a Camprest mat, my favorite pillows, some Mezcal Vago Elote and all of the goodies to make a killer cup of coffee basically on demand, oh and of course something to eat! This way, I can stop, sleep, drink coffee, mescal, have a sandwich and enjoy a great time looking at the stars for a few hours. 

My last drive, was home to New Mexico through the back roads of Nevada, Utah and Arizona. To say it was spectacular is an understatement. The journey changed me, solidified my feelings of adventure, place and the things I must do to keep a real smile on my face. Here are a few of the reasons:


This is at near Gypsum Creek in Utah


Rodeo Trophy Buckles, in a pawn shop, Gallup, New Mexico


Bryce Canyon


Zuni and Navajo Bracelets at the Gallup Flea Market

I started reading Edward Abbey, I can only imagine he would have been wonderful to take a road trip with.


Just got home from 2 weeks in Palm Springs. I am working my jewelry magic at the Palm Springs Thursday night VillageFest. If you are heading to Palm Springs, make it a point to come by and see me, and stop at this restaurant in Flamingo Hills, La Copine….the food is great.

Please take a few moments to share where you’ve been, where you want to go, what you want to do….I’d love to hear from you.

Be safe, stay between the lines as much as you can, live harder than the serious stuff that’s completely unimportant, tell those you love, you love them often and most of all hug the adventure like nobody’s business!!!  

“You can’t study the darkness by flooding it with light.” Edward Abbey

July 13, Studio B2

Thoughts from the "Tinman"

“Analysis is like a lobotomy. Who wants to have all their edges shaved off?”

The word “Freedom” is defined as… “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”…and as we know, if freedom truly existed, my right to act, speak, or think without hindrance or restraint will certainly piss maybe a few thousand somebodies off somewhere…probably more…just as your right to act, speak, or think without hindrance or restraint will do exactly the same in the pissing off department of living life. So,

Is freedom an illusion? 

Do we just like how the definition sounds, and by saying we are free enough times it will miraculously develop into the dictionary definition of freedom. And what about the guy who is cooking meth with the underaged wife, kids from 7 different women, 13 pit bulls, who has an incredible confederate flagged tattooed on his forehead who just moved in next door to you who believes in and does just about everything you loath, disdain, and in your core believe is completely and utter wrong and unacceptable…does he have that same freedom you have, does he deserve make the call…How about the couple who believe in a different Big Guy in the sky than you do, or the family that says “Si” for yes, or maybe that kid who has been in the wheelchair since birth, oh, or Mr. and Mr.  who just moved down the street…what about those people over there…or there, (pointing opposite direction), or even those guys over there, (now pointing at about a 45 degree angle to the original direction), or anybody you don’t agree with or like because they are________________ (fill in the blank)… 

Rodney King said…”Can we all just get along?”…sorry Rodney, we don’t want to…our system isn’t set up that way, never has been and probably never will be…see you can have your freedom as long as it doesn’t ever cross the line of another’s freedom…think of it like a big circle around you wherever you go…kind of like the Maxwell Smart “Cone of Silence” without the silence thing. People who believe the same stuff can always cross each other’s circles until they can’t…while people who don’t believe in the same stuff can’t even get close for fear of a boundary encroachment. And until the idea of true acceptance is installed, we will continue to practice this method of freedom which as we all know is further away from freedom than not…

Today is a great day to start…purposely watch people, see how you respond to them, what they do, how they look, talk, walk, move, and do…it is pretty likely you are part of the problem…and realize or at least try to realize, that they are going about their lives mostly as oblivious as you are going about your life and really only want to be happy, healthy, loved, cared for and find some joy in their world, (this to me is freedom)…and if you don’t want them to have that or do that because it is not your version of being happy, healthy, loved, cared for and finding some joy in your world…you don’t want to be happy or free…you want to be right!!!…so there is a lot of vacant property you can move to in the desert and never have to worry about these people and you can remain…right…

Ask yourself, do I want to be right or happy?

“Nothing made me happen. I happened.”



The Road to Greater/Better Homogenization

From the MInd of the Manic, Thoughts from the "Tinman"

“The computer can’t tell you the emotional story. It can give you the exact mathematical design, but what’s missing is the eyebrows.” 

So this morning over breakfast, our conversation digressed into the world we actually live in -vs- the world we sometimes…most of the time, think we live in….I listened to a conversation with Bill Moyers, (one we all should take the time to listen to) so…here’s the link.

A Starbucks on every corner, where do you buy office supplies if it is not Staples or Office Max…oh, and hardware…hmm, let’s see Home Depot or Lowes…I’m wondering why a homogenized landscape has become far more appealing to the masses than the diversity we scream we want…and demand in every other sector of our lives…

I live part-time in Northern California, specifically, “Wine Country”, what ever that means!! Living here, tasting wines is as normal as putting on your shoes, so, you’d think that each winery was this ma and pa owned vineyard, you know…..the one that Dolores and Chuck worked their hands to the bone to make the elixir so sought after….well that day did exist…once…and it still does to a very small degree. I don’t profess to know much about wine, other than what I like. The word “Estate Winery” brings a photo of Dolores and Chuck, growing their own grapes, harvesting, pressing, fermenting and bottling same grapes into their labeled bottle, and finally selling them to us…us meaning all of us….sorry…not any more…in most cases, (no pun intended) BIG GIANT CORPORATIONS own all of the same used to be ma and pa wineries…they just show the old photographs that make it look like ma and pa still do own  it….want to know  want GIANT CORPORATION owns the wine you like to drink…it might be HERE

So here’s my point…why eat the same meal everyday, read the same book each night for the rest of your life…oh and maybe you should wear nothing but khaki colored clothes forever, own one Jack Russell Terrier after another, drive the exact same car, only listen to one song,  maybe 2….basically do the same shit over each day everyday and think that’s living life…. with any diversity…I mean sure you might see someone who is doing the exact same thing, except their choice of dogs might be Rhodesian Ridgeback, clothing color taupe, and the songs are different by a few notes…and you become envious…as you drink your Starbucks coffee, with your Home Depot name tag, waiting in the drive up line at  KFC to order lunch, of something that looks like a chicken part, looks like macaroni and cheese, looks like a real biscuit, and comes with a fizzy 20Xs sweeter than sugar  beverage loaded with aspartame, which is KNOWN to cause cancer, imagine that….and all is groovy….just living life….

Everything is the same, nothing is different…drive through any city, you will see the homogenization of America close to completion…..ain’t it shame that we have let this happen….

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


I Saw__________ in a Box of Jelly Doughnuts

Thoughts from the "Tinman"

“A well developed , precisely defined scar with great character”

Bob Dylan once said, “A hard rain’s gonna fall”, and It seems a deluge is on the way.IMG_9836
Dividing lines….I am, (fill in the blank), and I really believe you are, (fill in the blank), and it is clear for as much as I am, (fill in the blank), you are (fill in the blank).

So all of that being said, the world should spin wonderfully on its axis, small glitches here and there, really nothing to worry about right ? I mean after all most of us don’t give a shit about the big picture, and really what does me just living me have to do with you just living you….and I don’t care who you screw, or what you pray to, or if it’s beef tonight or tofu, if you’re going to heaven or if you’re just dead when you’re dead and the dust to dust conversation holds true….

I’d like to think most people don’t care….ah but that is where I’m wrong, dead wrong….because most people do care, and they care in a, “I don’t really fucking care kind of way”…you know that sort of over the shoulder look as you’re walking away from a really bad dream or when you just realized that love was not what you thought it meant all along…so anyway…people do care and they care far more than they should, not because they care about how you’re doing, but because they care mostly about what you’re doing that they don’t agree with so they can make what they do somehow seem more right…I mean really who cares if men love men and women love women…or if an electric car is better than a gas guzzler …or is some 63% of people who eat at McDonalds think “Real Beef”…is really beef…or if you think radical religious fundamentalism is defined to them….you know….those guys….or if god is on our side but they say he’s on their side….and those guys, well they say he’s really on their side…hmmm….

Think about it, because a burning bush said it, or prophet under a tree said it or maybe a box of doughnuts said it…it just means somebody/something might have and not very likely said it, and that’s kind of the end of the story…And if for some reason you think because I’m wearing stripes with checks is an abomination because a box of jelly doughnuts said it is…you might want to collect yourself first, find out what you’re doing that the box of jelly doughnuts or the burning bush or the prophet under the tree try might call you on….tag you for, your inconsistencies or misgivings or violations of the concepts, rules, and holy stuff of said bush, prophet or Bavarian cream filled…and once you have successfully completed your entire life of living by the sacred principles of what your dogma dictates, then and only then can we have a conversation about what you, (the global you) think I, (the global I) am doing wrong…and still…it just doesn’t matter…

 I abide by 3 simple bits of dogma, that keep my cup full….and a few acquaintances of mine will know exactly what I’m talking about:

  • The 8th day of the week, Zenday
  • The Sacred Purple Tub of Squares
  • The Parable of “The Thousand Deadly Sauces”

So until next time, travel well, play hard and above all don’t worry what somebody else is doing…simple, if you don’t like something…don’t do it, and leave it right there, because there is somebody out there who loves to do what you don’t want to do….

Here’s something to enjoy wherever you are….

“If somebody acts like they don’t care….believe them”

Blue Moon, I Saw You Standing Alone

From the MInd of the Manic

“If you’re going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use both feet”

I’d like to think things make sense, and most things…yet is seems making sense is secondary to what it looks like. Saw a guy in line…3 credit cards declined…4th worked…but he was dressed well, drove a nice car, IPhone 6, and all there was to make what there was look convincing…to most…

Your plan, any ideas? well for me, it is becoming more about the community, this year is 60, and what I do now will follow me for the rest of my life…so I’m buying socks, no really, socks guaranteed for life Darn Tough Socks…check it out…and that is how I’m beginning to think, I mean I don’t rush to the restaurant offering the pre-senior special, or, “Nope, we only stay in AARP approved hotels”…there’s a fuck of a lot more to it than that. My 80 year old friend would do it differently if he could, and if he would…I should think about different…you should think about different…and that entire doing process…because there are options, you know…and pretty good ones, without declined credit cards…

Maybe it is time to start planning your community…not the one we all are slowly herded into, but the one that is rich and thick…luscious and filled with color and lots of paint…after all, it’s the lessor of 2 evils thinking right..except for the winner of that particular contest, well it’s still evil…but doesn’t have to be…

Thoughts about Postcards…Bones and What I really see…and My Own Personal Wishing Well

So tomorrow if you woke up and were doing exactly what you really wanted to be doing….is it different from today??

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored

Following the Dream

From the MInd of the Manic

“With most people disbelief in a thing is founded on a blind belief in some other thing.”

A dream emerged this morning in the early hours…rather than bore you with the details, I have to say the symbolism was probably the most accurate for the dream to reality relationship…and like a psychic who no one believes…of course we all have the same issues, just wrapped in different colored paper same story…different twist, slightly different version of what,  “Sour” is or how we define, “Up”…but it still remains, “Sour” and “Up” in any form…so given a bit of soul prying…the answers spilled like irrigation in Spring…

Now…what to do with the answers…how about you?…your answers,do they work, or are they just filler to make the day a bit easier on the eyes, brain, life, etc…I don’t have the answer to that particular question…but I know for a fact just ask someone what they think of your path, and certainly you will get another compass point to think about, (not yours, but another point to point, so to speak). That’s the beauty of the path…regardless of the intent, feet still crunch that particular earth below, moving us in the direction that has some result we just gotta have…

We spent an afternoon in the beautiful town of Nicosio, had a terrific lunch at Rancho Nicasio met some really great people in…and along the way, and saw the music line up at this place. It is staggering…check it out on the link…

Here are a few photographs of the place:

So maybe an older school bus that is screaming to be something else…like a home, a traveling studio with a place for the pieces of everything to find their corners…or maybe it is Mexico for the winter, or Nevada, start at the beginning and see where it leads as it meanders along…All of it is just a dream you know,the task seems to be finding some meaning that makes it work…like frosting on cake…I love the fact, that everything is everywhere, here…and it is just a skip of a stone across the water…to get there…have fun, travel well…and be bold!!!

“A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.”

I’m Back on the Airwaves…Oh Yea Baby!

Thoughts from the "Tinman"

“I haven’t had the time to plan returning to the scene because I haven’t left it.” Mick Jagger

So…I’m back writing feverishly writing these days, and a great deal has happened since then, (whenever “then” was).

It is Farmer’s Market season in Northern California and oh baby, my feet are planted in the beautiful black earth of this part of the world and things are good. What am I doing you ask, well a bunch of farmer’s markets in Sonoma, Napa, and Marin counties…and having a great time. Here’s what I did last night, in Sonoma California and it was grand!

Food was exceptional, The Carneros, Morena Ale…out of this world and that basket of strawberry’s…well they never made it home!

So I’ve been thinking about what you’ve been doing all of this time…things are in the process of great wonderful changes and I’m sure for you as well.. so drop me a line and let me know where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. We have a lot to talk about!!

“A decent beard has long been the number one must-have fashion item for any fugitive from justice.” Craig Brown

The Book of Truth..order your copy NOW!

Thoughts from the "Tinman"

Photo Jul 26, 5 15 07 PM

“Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.”

It’s really what we know…was how the conversation began…I then inserted…”and what we don’t…see that’s the problem…I mean really why is it that you or I can walk into a supermarket and know nothing about what we are purchasing…other than a tomato is similar in shape..size…color…and visual to an apple…and that’s it…I don’t know a damn thing about that apple…with the exception, that if it is not organic it is loaded with pesticides…so my point is …what I call the


The Book of Truth is just that…the truth…wouldn’t it be great to know the truth about everything or at least have access to the information…I’d love to know how Monsanto can convince the powers that be that using GMO products laden with pesticides and what ever magic there is is safe…a-okay to use and especially to keep it veiled like a new bride…It would read like this:

Well, truth be told, the only reason Monsanto gets away with what they do is because they spend a ton of money on us, (The Senate, Congress, etc). Usually 5-7 times a year they fly us to these great private resorts, called “Black Resorts” where they make all of our private, personal, bizarre fantasies come true…no exceptions…anythng we want , and i mean anything we want we get. They bring in the best disease free prostitutes, best drugs and liquor, they even have a great “Fantasy Director”, who will organize your fantasy no matter hope creepy it might be. That’s why they get what they want. There are many other companies that do this for us as well…God I love politics” – Anonymous Senator 

If this were the way is was explained…I’d get it…I’d understand why…but it’s not…it is left to us. the uninformed, the blind eyed, complacent, struggling to make ends meet populous…and we pretty much just have to accept it…I don’t think so…shouldn’t we demand the truth….I mean I want to know why the freeway is closed…not later, but right now…how difficult is it to put a sign up with all of the orange cones that reads… “Chemical Spill-Freeway Closed”…rather than having to listen to a paid lap dog explain on the news how a few thousand gallons of highly toxic chemicals spilled today, but there is really nothing to be alarmed about and how their company’s past record should be able to overshadow this…or wouldn’t it be great knowing that the war in Iraq was not orchestrated by a blatant manipulation and a pack of lies….wouldn’t you rather know that at a party Saddam Hussein….was found making out with Laura Bush in the East wing of the White House and George W figured he needed to kick a little ass for the insult…we’d get it…we might not agree..but it would be the truth…and some of us might even agree…”Yep…we should kick his ass

Jack Nicholson in the movie a, A Few Good Men said….. “You can’t handle the truth”….I think we could Jack…and I think the old adage, “The truth shall set you free” reall means a great deal…

THE BOOK of TRUTH…never going to be available at a bookstore near you…but it would sure be nice…I like when people tell me the truth…and I’ve always been told to tell the truth….

even if that dress does make her look fat…..

“Every closed eye is not sleeping, and every open eye is not seeing.”



Making a small part of your life a Country Western Song in 2 very EASY steps….

From the MInd of the Manic


                                                          “Confessions of a River Dancer” ©2013, Robert Redus

“There probably aren’t a lot of actors my age who tap dance.” – Christopher Walken

there is always that point of recall…you know…that place where we can say it all began…John Anderson…the country western singer said… “It all started at a corner table, sipping on a Jack and Coke, and when the sun found us the next morning, we were acting like married folk” 

so some truth does exist that we might have an inkling of what is yet to come….I mean if you grew up in the 1970’s…went to a bar on a Friday night…chances are what you wanted just very well might have happened….wether it was drugs…trips to Albania in a cargo plane…sex…understanding what “Altered” really meant…or maybe being the best man at your best friend’s wedding just across the border with one of the girls you’d picked up a few hours earlier hitchhiking to Oregon….it…the true “it” was all there…and available for a small price at the time…

I once drove a car with 4 other people 3 of whom I’d met earlier that night…(around 10:30 at a bar in Juarez Mexico we left around midnight)…to LA to drop one of the guys off…we had an ice chest filled with beer some mangoes…a potted plant and 1/2 pound of dope…clearly…we only saw the inkling in small sporadic flashes across the windshield….throughout the entire trip…and to this day…I don’t know if anybody in the car actually…owned the car…when the haze cleared…we were at the point of no return and the guy we were dropping off in LA decided….he want to go to Reno instead….none of us had ever been to Reno…

my point is simple….what lies in front of us more often than not….has been there awhile…we’ve either stepped over it…walked around it…ignored or periodically acknowledged it…as if we are really going to get to it….and soon….and we drag it around like a sleeping bag…looking for a place to sleep…for the night

my father insisted I get a haircut every Wednesday night…and three of his army buddies and I would drive over the Zaragosa bridge into Mexico to get a haircut and a shoe shine for .45 cents….we then would stop at a bakery and eat some Mexican hard rolls with butter…buy a few cartons of cigarettes…and because one of his friends had a torrid love affair with vodka…he’d purchase 4 bottles of Oso Negro…you know the one with the little black bear on the chain around the neck of the bottle….we’d hide the vodka and cigarettes under the seat….every time my father passed through customs…. they’d asked him what we had to declare…he would answer….”Just haircuts and shined shoes”…one could easily look into the car and see all of us with really bad haircuts…and shiny shoes….that’s predictability to an extreme….but every Wednesday….I knew what to expect…and I can pinpoint…..starting day

Maybe almost 57 years old has offered up the why I believe this way lately….and maybe it hasn’t…it could be my mortality…or even that fact that I care more about fiber than at any other point in my life…the knowing what to expect most of my life frankly never really mattered….and now there is this need to find where it all started..sure this could quickly turn into the chicken or the egg dialog and it might never have an answer of any substance…and then again…if I ever find out where it started…might just ruin where it’s going…

I once knew a prostitute…who said she was Carol Channing’s sister “Wendy…now Wendy was from Zacatecas Mexico…originally and yes….she did resemble Carol…until she said anything…and once she spoke…it was clear she shared nothing with Carol other than maybe mitochondrial  eve DNA…even though it was not convincing…someone somewhere is telling…someone somewhere they slept with Carol Channing’s sister…Wendy…now that’s a place to start…kind of like John Anderson…. “it all started at a bar in Mexico, I was sitting with Carol Channing’s sister…Wendy…we negotiated a little..she liked me…I liked her….and before you know it”

So….I’d like you take a few moments…think about where something big started in your life….once you’ve identified the event…what’s it look like leading up to it….how did you want it to work out – VS – how it did work out….what did you want to happen after the event -VS – what really happened after the event…you know….were there blood tests…or paternity tests…did you run away…have to meet a bunch of people…say yes a great deal more than you wanted…or did you just nod your head a whole bunch….in either direction…look up alot…cross your arms or realized how little you cared for all of that stuff you once said was valuable as you were sneaking onto the cargo plane to Albania…now once you’ve been here…established some memorable event….my next challenge is…..

Can you make the  lyrics to a country western song from your event…..

here goes mine…:

It was  New Year’s  Eve, 1973,
El Toro Lounge, Santa Fe and I was
with my new friends from New York State 
She was a dark haired beauty, laughing at my newspaper hat
with a picture of Katharine Ross taped
right there on the front
I was rolling a Bugler cigarette thinking about paper clips, why dogs bark so much
she handed me a napkin with a key in it and her addressed printed beautifully in red ink
she never said her husband was a murderer
she never said he was going to be released so soon
she never said I had to worry  much 
just as long as I was gone by next Tuesday at noon

so it all started….right….the rest of the story later….maybe…

“If I talk about something I either talk about it or I DO it… the minute I talk about it it’s lost all it’s drive and all it’s fun.” – Carol Channing