Painting Classes

I am currently teach a painting class at Riley Street Art Supply in Santa Rosa, Thursdays from 1-3. Class fee is $25.00

Here are some finished paintings from students. These are 4inches x 4 inches, painted on paper with a palette knife

This style of painting is designed for beginning painters, well seasoned painters and those who have always wanted to paint but are not sure where to begin.

This requires few tools, is very portable and can be designed to fit how you travel or to just paint on a small table at home. We will be using medium metal wedge palette knives, #140 archival paper and various colors of acrylic paint.  This class is designed for you the artist to get a general idea of how a pallet knife works, using paint on a two dimensional surface with a tool rather than a traditional brush, getting the basics of abstraction and to finish paintings quickly and have a finished product ready to frame or gift.

The goal of this class is to teach you to get out of your head and into your hands

You will need:

·         A wooden handle, metal wedge shaped palette knife

·         Three colors of acrylic paint to share

·         A roll of paper towels

·         A small plastic container for water, (cleaning the knives)

·         Curiosity and enthusiasm

I will supply the painting boards, black and white paint and all the paper you can paint on.

This is a fun class that will give a great introduction into painting, abstract thinking and personal critique. I will be teaching this class each Thursday so drop in anytime.

Please wear clothing you can afford to get little bit of paint on, because chances are you will.  Bring some water and I look forward to meeting you and painting with you.

You can register for the class by calling 505-948-1542 or email,

Painting Class

A painting class for journaling through painting