561. August 17… “Every time ya see me goin’ some where, I feel like I’m goin’ outta my mind”

Thoughts from the "Tinman"

"4:08 PM" ©Robert Redus 2011

“You don’t tell deliberate lies, but sometimes you have to be evasive.” – Margaret Thatcher

Another Masterpiece’….that is the standing joke when I am finished with a painting, and lately the paintings I am finishing are smaller, on paper, larger in quantity and more dissimilar than any work I’ve done.

So I started questioning “what was” as compared to “what is”, and I’ve concluded that the, “what was” has little bearing right now. This previous style of painting progressed to where I paint from today, and I can’t say one is any better than another, yet there is preference.

The “what was” was great while I was painting it, it still is great for what it is but not something I think I will revisit as a memory to replay or to get something I didn’t. Rather any visitation is really a return, a time of familiarizing myself with technique, much like an old friend.

My newer work is satisfying right now, and for a great many reasons. Mostly I am content not really being up in arms as to the destinations, who gets what and how it gets there. I like the pace of the painting, the way it comes together and the relatively effortless nature of the process. I understand,  “it’s always about the work

The comfort zone is now becoming the issue. What better place to exit from rather than to remain knowing what will develop based on what already has developed, it is getting predictable. So….

I’m only here for a while.”….

“Enlightened people seldom or never possess a sense of responsibility.” – George Orwell

442. November 22nd…Conquering the new Studio…

Art and my thoughts about being an artist

“Better Days…Again” 2010

“Objects in a park suggest static repose rather than any ongoing dialectic. Parks are finished landscapes for finished art.” – Robert Smithson

the tendency to drift from side to side or maybe it’s up and down…but drift nevertheless…occurs…could be the way we look at the project ahead of us…or perhaps it’s some of the left over thoughts from the project behind…how I did what I did…before that made me reel with the excitement of creation…

the way I moved the colors across some defined space and it became perfect…I had some part in it I suppose….the design itself fell where it should have and all that was there was there from the beginning…I was just unaware of everything at that moment…things revealed themselves as part of the developing plot….in a sense…

I awakened this morning at 4:39…again my mind heavy with the many things to do…I tried falling asleep agin…spelling every word I could think of that began with the letter…”B”….then a few other letters….when I awakened from my slumbering spelling Bee…I knew clearly what wasn’t…that had jolted me awake…and clearly the one thing that I needed to do…

I’ve recently moved…my new studio is much like the “Other woman”….if that makes sense….I’m having to find a way to make peace with the fact that all of time now…goes to someplace else…I know that sounds odd…but every studio has a presence…an energetic…that resonates with the work that has been produced and that work yet to be produced…there is a balance in every studio I’ve had….the perfect music for the ideal day…for the optimum time…for the exact moment it all falls right into place….the perfect lover…if you will….

my new studio is moments before the first date…a nervous energy that makes me walk funny…my voice accents the wrong parts of words…and the idea of just getting in there and taking over seems a bit to early to move in…maybe a few more days of courtship….all of the amulets have got to expend all of their energy….fill the room with the right juju….everything is where it should be….yet there are a few land mines…I purposly set just incase…you know that personal sabotage I need to keep my eyes wide open….and each day I venture into the room…say a few things out loud…sort of announce that I’m the new sheriff in town…then leave and close the door…simple process…with a great deal of formality….maybe some ancient ritual…who knows…

today though…feels like the day…I’m asking her to move over….let Robert take over…it feels that all of the dancing…sprinkling the gri gri…in the corners…owning the space by possesions…announcing myself daily for the last month…and the opening and closing the door quickly…looking for ghosts…has finally come to the point where I get to break the champagne bottle on the doorway and make the maiden voyage of my new studio….Bon Voyage…..

in the words of Etta James….

“Oh, and then the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven
For you are mine
At last”