The, “Well Worn Path”

Thoughts from the "Tinman"

“The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts.”

This past summer, I visited a place called, “Tsankawi“, relatively untouched, pretty unbridled and full of trails well worn into the hill sides. These trails for the most part were made by ancestral Pueblo people, we as visitors are just walking the same ones they did to see what they saw and somehow make a connection. The ground is littered with pottery shards and tempting as it is to pocket a few of the real beauties, the power of the visual beauty far outweighs the idea of placing one of these on a shelf in my house.

We’ve all been told various stories about,”Paths“,and somehow having one, finding one, walking one, being one, creating one, seems not so much about the path as it does about the, “Pathwalker”; so then, what’s the point of the path other than to wear a well worn trail  from where you’ve been to where you are. Maybe the emphasis is two-fold, no doubt the journey is paramount, but what of the effect of that journey on you the Pathwalker. You’re not somehow going to get belched out another side of life, with all of the answers, fulfilled and ready to never light another great fire in a wood stove or smell a cup of Ethiopian coffee seconds before it seduces your palate. Not to mention you’ve left a trails of bread crumbs or granola, or broken hearts, or empty bottles, you won’t be that hard to find. Perhaps the, “Well Worn Path” will hopefully lead us all to a point of disappearance, a no path, one without clues, or directions, almost that same place you were when you started the original path, that motion before the very first step, whatever that was.

I’ll admit, I do have  a favorite pottery shard I picked up many years ago in a place by Deming New Mexico. We had a conversation that morning, as I recall it was the first step of a long journey….




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“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”

415. September 20th…. “It is weight that gives meaning to weightlessness ”

Thoughts from the "Tinman"

“Babe” 2010

“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” – T.S. Eliot

I’ve thought of the times…I’ve chosen to accept something that I was originally opposed to….and yet  by accepting it…I am in essence saying I will accept contradiction and acknowledge it as now it is Ok to be in my life…..rather than going with the natural confirmation and agreement….that takes most of the bumps out of the road….

I think maybe it’s the …”Some“…is better than the… “None“….mentality….and I suppose in  dealing with hunger and thirst….some is better than none…..seems most everything else outside of that….doesn’t follow that rule…it really translates to…”I’ll get what I can even if it isn’t what I want…for right now“….kind of like the filler in hot dogs….don’t know for what or why….just that it is…..and hopefully when the void is filled with anything…it appears to be the ideal thing…..the only thing…the best thing…..with a little luck…maybe it is…..

sure sitting around and waiting for whatever “IT” might be….to come knocking on the door…doesn’t seem like the likely alternative…and probably isn’t… what we want requires we cross the path of that object of desire more than once….yet moving our direction as well…and perhaps at that intersection……the magic may or….may not happen…and often what we don’t get in our lives is really the blessing… it may illustrate itself one way…yet appear an entirely different way……

the lack of certainty increases the possibilities of what may happen as well as increase the unknown….”with big risk comes the possibility for big success“….yet trying to achieve that success…via personal compromise….may only bring a fleeting glimpse of the success….as it passes by…and everybody waves from the speeding car…..I’m not suggesting we don’t compromise…..compromise is necessary to make it all work….but to sacrifice a piece of ourselves for the hope of something we don’t want to transpire…..seems like cutting off a finger….just because we’re not planning on using it…..anytime soon……

we strive for the what we know to be the best….how ever we define “The Best“…may be particle board dining room furniture with real fake wood grain from Country Dan’s….or a coffee table by Isamu Noguchi…..but the best is still the best…..and the best for our soul…..hovers there waiting for us to know a truth…..rather than a confetti of uncertainties…..and wavy glass that blurs the vision….while we move forward…. hands in front of us…stepping with uncertainty…and overly cautious….

the answer….any answer is the correct one…..if it is doing what you…me….everybody wants it to do…..even if the truth is questionable….or untrue…..or not even a matter of truth…..

the Tao talks about defining a stream by its componants….yet to identify a particular componant….is impossible…..we can not reach into the water…grasp a piece of “Current” or “Ripple”….and have an answer…..but we can observe the action without the action being a real tangable…something that explains how the stream works….but without any real explanation…..

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” – Lao Tzu